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Solar-Powered Sun Lanterns Light Up The Night in Scottsdale

A new solar-powered public artwork is lighting up the night in Scottsdale, Arizona. Designed by Tempe-based artist Eli Richard, Sun Lanterns is a temporary exhibit comprised of 23 multicolor solar-powered lamps made with plexiglass and steel. Scottsdale Public Art commissioned … Continue reading

Sun Stomp solar art could power a Baltimore home for one year

It’s been a big week for us with the announcement that Rio Iluminado won the LAGI Willimantic design competition in Connecticut. We’re floored by the community’s will to transform their town into an exciting new destination for people from all walks of life, and look forward to … Continue reading

Rio Iluminado: Solar-powered arch wins LAGI Willimantic design competition

Rio Iluminado by Pirie Associates, Lindsay Suter, and Gar Waterman.   The winning team of the most recent LAGI design competition was presented with their award today at Connecticut Arts Day. The artwork, called Rio Iluminado, has won the design … Continue reading

How dye-sensitized cells revolutionized the solar industry

Professor Michael Grätzel’s future flashed before his eyes in 1973 when OPEC stopped supplying the United States and Western Europe with oil. Foreseeing a time when fossil fuels would be depleted, and freshly armed with a PhD from the Technical … Continue reading

Surface Area Required to Power Bitcoin with Solar

Click on the information graphic above to see a high resolution version. Or click here to download a PDF version Have you heard that the electricity used by Bitcoin will exceed 33 terrawatt-hours (TWh) in 2017? That is a lot … Continue reading

Something on which we can all agree: Solar power is great

The future of energy has arrived in Pennsylvania and we ought to push it forward. This is an op-ed article by the founding directors of LAGI. It was originally published in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette on Sunday February 5, 2017. … Continue reading

Imagining Solar Art at the Village of Arts and Humanities Philadelphia

Thanks to the Village of Arts and Humanities for hosting a LAGI workshop today in North Philadelphia. The event was held in partnership with Temple University, and brought together a wonderful group of all ages to brainstorm ideas for bringing … Continue reading

Bring Back Solar, Nevada!

There is a great article out this spring by Prachi Patel writing for Conservation Magazine, “Rooftop solar panels could provide nearly half US power.” The report cited is from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory* (NREL). If we are really serious … Continue reading

LAGI-Kenya: Maasai Solar

Our final workshop day included a group discussion following LAGI presentation of a Boma Solar design.These sketches represented the third iteration of the solar structure design, which took into consideration the architecture of the manyatta, the traditional Maasai jewelry, and … Continue reading

The Solar Hourglass

“An hourglass to remind us…that as long as we take care of our environment, the energy will never run out.” -Santiago Muros Cortés The Solar Hourglass First Place winner to the 2014 Land Art Generator Initiative Copenhagen design competition Artist: … Continue reading

The Future of Flight: Solar Energy and Airplane Wing Innovation

by Karrah Beck, LAGI 2014 Marketing & Communications Consultant The airplane industry has been a notorious consumer of energy and a large contributor to atmospheric CO2 emissions. The struggle to make this industry more environmentally sustainable has been a daunting … Continue reading

Aesthetic Solar Energy Roofing

During our time in Denmark last autumn we came across the fantastic company Innogie, whose objective is the aesthetic integration of renewable energy systems into buildings. The vision for the Innogie solar roofing concept is to construct a highly integrated, … Continue reading

Solar Vortex

We learned of yet another “twist” on solar power generation via this Forbes article about the ARPA-E conference in Washington D.C. The Solar Vortex borrows its inspiration from dust devils, those miniature twisters of excited dirt that sometimes arise in … Continue reading

Solar Bloom

Solar Bloom Submission to the 2012 Land Art Generator Initiative NYC design competition Artist Team: Robert Cervellione Artist Location: New York City, USA View Design Boards Artist Descriptive Text: Solar Bloom is a project which merges technology with nature to … Continue reading

The Solar Cairn

The Solar Cairn Submission to the 2012 Land Art Generator Initiative NYC design competition Artist Team: Julianne Brown, Christian Brown, Onion 3D Design Artist Location: New York City, USA View Design Boards Artist Descriptive Text: As a softly shining pattern … Continue reading

Solar Powered Super Trees in Singapore

photo by Munshi Ahmed These incredible constructions at Singapore’s Gardens By the Bay have caught our attention. Designed by Grant Associates, these 25-50 meter tall super trees function as combined: vertical garden, PV panel, air venting tower, and rainwater collection … Continue reading

The Solar Artworks Project

We’re very happy to welcome Nacho Zamora to Dubai. Nacho is a public art researcher and founder of Solar Artworks. He specializes in the study and documentation of interdisciplinary and renewable energy artwork, particularly in the public realm. He’ll be … Continue reading

The 19th Century Solar Engines of Augustin Mouchot, Abel Pifre, and John Ericsson

Augustin Mouchot’s Solar Concentrator, 1869. (source) The history of renewable energy is fascinating. We posted a while back about early efforts to harness the power of waves. You may also be interested to learn more about the 19th century work … Continue reading

Solar Installation Resembles Lily Pads

Les Nympheas by Claude Monet from Musee l’Orangerie, Paris Photovoltaic panels in Lake Colignola, near Pisa. FABIO MUZZI, AFP Marco Rosa-Clot, physicist and professor at the University of Florence, has demonstrated a floating photovoltaic power plant with wing reflectors in … Continue reading

Airlight Energy’s Monuments to Concentrated Solar Power

The Precasted Fiber Reinforced Concrete Collector by Airlight Energy is a refreshingly different design for CSP technology. It employs flexible pneumatic mirrors below and ETFE foil above, both stretched within a rigid concrete frame to create a parabolic trough system … Continue reading