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Education is fundamental to the Land Art Generator. The innovative and artful applications of sustainable technologies can spark the imaginations of young people and trigger curiosity in science, technology, engineering, and math.
Our programming is a great example of STEM to STEAM and project-based learning. Through the process of designing their own land art generator, middle school and high school students show applied understanding of concepts like energy conversion efficiency, capacity factor, become familiar with using kilowatt-hours. At the same time they are applying knowledge of form, shape, color, and touching on aspects of urban planning and whole systems design. These are exactly the kind of skills that researchers tell us will be important for jobs in the twenty-first century.


We provide workshops and programs ranging from a few hours to weeks-long Art+Energy camps and think tanks, working with people of all ages. On this page you will find a range of free educational tools that we've developed.


Contact us if you would like us to provide workshops for youth or adults, give a lecture on the aesthetics of renewable energy, facilitate an Art+Energy Camp, exhibition, or brainstorm a custom approach to engaging people with the design of their sustainable energy landscapes.

Solve the Climate Puzzle

The goal of this STEAM educational game is to be the first player to solve a complete six-piece puzzle. Answer renewable energy trivia questions correctly to get puzzle pieces.

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Field Guide To Renewable Energy Technology

The future we would like to see is one in which we are surrounded by the most diverse ecosystem of renewable energy technologies and landscapes, each a reflection of local culture and context. This  guidebook will help you determine if that object that you find so beautiful is a semiconductor-based artificial photosynthetic cell, a piezoelectric generator, a triboelectric fabric, or a dye-sensitized solar cell. What is the future that you would like to see? Use this guide and design your own renewable energy landscapes!

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In this tiny corner of your world you’ll work and play with Neighbors while becoming a Master Grower. With each turn of the game you will build new features that will eventually yield a multiplying harvest of Resources. Share with Neighbors, support community events, and learn from Master Growers as you earn Victory Points along the way. Each player creates a unique horticultural space (their own Kleingarten!) where they harvest energy and water, grow a variety of plants, and raise small animals.

Dual language English/German

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Dream, Design, Deploy

Regenerate! is a collaborative resource management game in which players navigate regenerative land stewardship, sustainable development, and systems design thinking.

It's a project of the LAGI 2020 Fly Ranch design challenge. The game was developed in collaboration with Land Art Generator, Tunnel Monster Collective, and Fly Ranch Project.


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The Land Art Generator creates information graphics that help to quickly explain facts about energy production and consumption, land use, and point the way to a post carbon world. Land Art Generator infographics have been cited and reproduced by a number of institutions, including the International Energy Agency.

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Art + Energy Flash Cards

Science, technology, engineering, design, and art all come together in this kit!

The Land Art Generator Art+Energy Flash Cards are designed to strengthen the pragmatic problem solving skills needed to address solutions for 21st century energy challenges by offering an engaging tool for science education. They highlight real world applications of STEAM objectives and teach about the importance of sustainability in design.

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Art + Energy Card Game

Play to ZERO to win the great energy transition!

The twenty-three stunning artworks that are featured on these cards have the benefit of providing clean energy to the city. Together they could power 26,307 homes, demonstrating how our cities and landscapes can become more beautiful as they become more sustainable.

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Land Art Generator Archives

The Center for Art + Environment at the Nevada Museum of Art collects the archives of our organization. If you would like to research the Land Art Generator please contact the Museum.

Nevada Museum of Art



Workshops & Camps
(all ages)

Reach out to us if you would like the Land Art Generator to provide STEAM workshops or camps in your community.

Art+Energy Camp

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Art & Energy Challenge

The LAGI SEE MONSTER Art & Energy Challenge is a chance for students to put their design and technology knowledge and skills to the test!

Students age 12–18 are invited to imagine an work of public art for the Weston-super-Mare seaside that uses renewable energy technology as the medium for the art.

We provide a Toolkit that guides you through the design process step by step.

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Youth Prize

We held a Youth Prize to coincide with the LAGI 2016 professional competition. In addition to a custom Youth Prize design brief, we provided a 13-step Toolkit of activities that teachers and students could use to take them through the entire design process for the development of a land art generator for a site next to the Santa Monica Pier.

Download 13-Step Toolkit

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Complete Youth Prize Content

Oasis, 3rd Place Winner, 2015–16 LAGI Youth Prize

STUDENTS: Hanna Wells, Sagar Kamath, Gabriel Tobias

ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES: flexible solar thin-film, piezoelectric stacked actuators (similar to Windstalk from LAGI 2010), point absorber wave energy converter


HIGH SCHOOL: Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) Magnet, Pittsburgh Public Schools

TEACHER: Allan Finch

Idea Generator Game

There are five dice categories. Look through example images of each category to get a clear understanding of what each one means. Use all five, or leave one or more categories to your imagination by reducing the number of dice.

By playing this game you will begin imagining renewable energy technologies in everyday places—housed in creative forms—and begin to design your own land art generators that could live in your backyard, neighborhood, or city center.

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