LAGI Idea Generator Game

What will you roll?

LAGI Idea Generator Game

Download the game here >

Once you download the pdf file you can cut out the dice and fold into cubes to begin playing.

There are five dice categories. Look through example images of each category to get a clear understanding of what each one means. Use all five, or leave one or more categories to your imagination by reducing

the number of dice.

You’ll notice that each category has a Wild Side, which allows you to make something up within the theme of the cube.

This game can be played in groups or individually.
If you play in groups, roll your dice once, write down your combination in the worksheet, and pass the dice to the next player!


Imagine making your own work of public art.
What would it look like? Would it have a message or meaning for your community? Remember that it will be something that people will see, hear, and interact with every day, so you will want to make it interesting—something that people will want to experience more than once. It can be as large as a building or as small as a park bench.

By playing this game you will begin imagining renewable energy technologies in everyday places—

housed in creative forms—and begin to design your own land art generators that could live in your backyard, neighborhood, or city center.

Renewable energy can be beautiful, fun, and anything that you can imagine!

Help to shape the future of our clean energy landscape by playing this game and exercising collaborative imagination.




AGES: 8 – Adult



Art, Science, Aesthetics, Engineering, Math, Sustainability, Design





Make your first combination of choices by tossing the dice. Write down this combination in the Worksheet.

The dice will answer these five questions:

What type of place (site) would you like to see your land art generator in?

What kind of technology will it harness?

What purpose will it serve to the public (in addition

to electricity generation)?

What form will it take?

What kind of shapes will it incorporate?


Toss again (or pass the dice to the next person for their toss) and write down the next combination. Do this a total of 3–5 times and imagine land art generators from the combination of icons that appear. If you don’t like a combination, roll again!



On the Worksheet sketch your own land art generator ideas based on the combinations that you rolled.








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