Please click on the images below to follow the link to the design boards that were submitted by the teams participating in LAGI 2018.
All of the designs are the property of the respective teams. If you are interested in construction, please get in touch with us.

Light UpNight and Day: St Kilda Hydro-Solar GeneratorSwingsRotorSt Kilda HaloSun RaySolar OrbsNgargeePITCH!dreamtimeHead in the CloudsA new citizen of melbourne who lives at a piece of sea in the skyBreathing TotemsChrysalis2000 MURNONGSGlass BouldersUNWINDWind BlossomSentinel //marking energetic flows through timeSol TowerThe Rainbow-SerpentEN-Visible WingThe CanopySoundscapeSTEALING FIREBallo-onWelcome to Nudi BeachThe 5 elementsLumina PlexConstellationDeviation BridgeThe Solar Wind VeilWiSE Lanternpast and FutureALGAE ENERGYbreezeSolar GravitiscapeEnergy LizardTidaliteMeeting PlacesEnergy in MotionResurrectionInterlink + BeaconThe Palm PalaisThe CurrentArt of WindWhen Penguins FlyDream Energy NetworkSt. Kilda Cultural BeaconChloroplast SpringSt Kilda TriangleWater PavilionThe Path of ValuILLUMINATEOPENWINDSThe WaveringArcuxBifrostVAWTACA BUTTERFLY ON AN ALPHABET IVYSolar FeathersCircles in the TriangleMeeniyan Djeembana: gathering place of the moonInterconnected St. KildaDaily GreenUrban HeartsThe Triangle ArtBridgeWeavesAeolusGENHAUS - VIS-a-VIMSt Kilda LanternsDaylight ShedWhat's next to the moon?Alg-EHydraSpore SymbiontSolar SlopesWDew Drops on the LawnThe Jungle by the BaySeaForestWIND LEADSTHE SYNTHESIS SPIREWatterySt. Kilda CascadeACTI-SCAPEDowndraughtDunescapesSubvert, Divert, InvertTriderrumHeart of St KildaPleasant energySolar CloudSolar TriangleStormwater Wetland ParkPalais Center for the Performing ArtsWoven EcologiesSolar incineratorsswitch onSOLAR TREEA LIGHT BALLETLooking Glassflying butterfliesSt. Kilda Solar towerTriangle GardenT_wi_nd_rl_generatorEnergy LandPARA-SOLReflectionThe Triangle StoryShaping Energy in Urban Space - WIND-COLUMNGaiaLight terrariumThe Social GridFlutterTranspiration TowerThe life arkConexusThe Path of KarmaTopographic Terrainwind captorHybrid production of energy artwork.C.A.R.E - a Connective And Reflective ExperienceThe Ancestors ReturnRadiant LinkSOLAR FLOWER TOWER with Rotating SHIMMERING WIND VANESEnergize the community lifeAcknowledging the SeaRadiance RibbonAlgae-ventureSKYSCRAPERS AS WIND TOWERSInter-weaveMelbourne's HeartThe CorralSolar PavilionPLUMESwinging homeThe Non-VisibleThe Sea FluteEnergy FolliclesKilda CollectionP2F energyHand in HandWater Powered AccumulatorST KILDA'S VEILBird in a Palm TreeWind generator dome