LAGI 2020 Fly Ranch Portfolio

Please click on the images below to follow the link to the project detail page where you'll find three design boards and narrative that were submitted by participants in LAGI 2020 Fly Ranch. We encourage you to read through the written narrative for details about the proposals. If it doesn't render for you the first time, please try refreshing the page, or you can use the direct download link.

Thanks to everyone who made the project possible, including all of the participating designers—whose creative, innovative, and inspiring work comprise this online exhibition—the selection process committee members, jurors, and all of the amazing people at Fly Ranch and Burning Man Project.

We invite anyone who would like to support projects to engage, comment, and offer words of wisdom regarding the top ten and the shortlisted proposals. Feel free to offer advice and volunteer to help throughout the prototyping process, which will take place beginning in the Summer of 2021.

All of the designs are the property of the respective teams. If you share images or text, please credit the complete team. If you would like to be a part of realizing any of these projects, please get in touch with us and we will connect you with the team.

Lodgers: Serendipity in the Fly Ranch Wilderness by Zhicheng Xu, Mengqi Moon He
Nexus by Antoniya Stoitsova, Nicolo Bencini, Ben Naudet, Avi Greene, Alex Ogata, Tom Kendrew
SEED symbiotic coevolution by Samantha Katz, Woody Nitibhon, Henry O'Donnell, Lola Lafia, Eric Baczuk, John Hilmes, Max Schwitalla, Colin O'Donnell
The Source by Mateusz Góra, Agata Gryszkiewicz
Kiba paa'a – Mountains of water by Javier Irigaray, Josien Visser, Mara Equisoain, Deyo Maeztu-Redin, Silvia Larripa
Coyote Mountain by Dusty Michael, Jane Maru, Anna Meloyan
Solar Mountain by Nuru Karim, Anuj Modi
The Loop - How pee and poo creates a Regeneration Service Station by Mathias Gullbrandson, Anna Johansson, Per Dahlgren, Julia Andersson, Olle Bjerkås
Ripple by Matthew Lagomarsino, Melika Tabrizi, Pierre-Yves Bertholet, Xiaojin Ren, Scherwyn Udwadia, Bas Kools, Israel Orellana, William Jacob Mast
Veil armature containing void by Jamieson Pye
Aqua Planterra by Felix Cheong, Haley Zhou, Rachel Cohen-Murison
KADMON by Boris Ryabov, Liya Ivanova, Kirill Ivanov, Sergey Ivanov, Olga Kritova, Laurent Rains, llyaz Khairov, Michael Bogomolny
Geocatcher by Ricardo Solar Lezama, Jeremy Nguyen, Ricardo Solar
Flyline by Danielle Siembieda, Victor Etienne, Eckhart Beatty, Raj Banjeer, John Sarter, John Randolph
Dig/Dug City by lucas hitch, Brendan Sullivan Shea, Noémie Despland-Lichtert, Kristina Fisher, Martin Francis Hitch
REGENERATING FLY RANCH by PALMA Team, Jo Palma, Iana Kolev, Daniel Confroy, Han Shen, Zach Coffin, Alex Au, Dr. Ryan Wartena
AXIS-ponics by Chenyu Zhang
BioSpike by Thomas Lantz
Agrivoltaic Architecture by Jenny Sabin, Mariana Bertoni, Alexander Htet Kyaw, Begum Birol, Jack Otto, Angel Langumas, John Hilla
CACTi by Jaeyual Lee, Haemee Han, Daeho Lee, Beomki Lee
the collectors by Andre Gomez, Eric Ramirez
Gather. Rest. Create. Fly Ranch. by Michael Colton, Mathieu Lapotre
The COOPx: Mobile Hen Houses for Fly Ranch by J. Matthew Thomas
The Elements by sima shahverdi, Anet Kashoa, Nima Torabkhani, Kamilla Csegzi
The Hatchery by Nicholas DeBruyne, Andrew Persoff Oroz
The Origin Pod: From Water There is Life by Clara Nagy McBane, Jason Hooper, Richard Haynie, Amy Erickson, Neil Grimmer
The Perfect Outhouse by John Stewart, Todd Downs, Greg Hamm, Thomas Dangerfield, Joshua Gedney
View/Sheds by Llewelynn Fletcher, Charles O'Geen, Catherine Harris
WAGI: The Laws of Thermo Dining by Meredith Busch, Andrew Tsuei
We are guests on this land by Jose Herrasti, Shilpa Mevada, Monica Lamela, Fernanda Oppermann
Weeping Desert Lab by Félix de Rosen, Rourke, Luke Wilson, Matt Turlock, Eric Futerfas
Rings of Regeneration: Opening Spaces for Sustainable Creative Practices at Fly Ranch by Emily Nicolosi, Anna Kissell
Sage Spark by Frances Lai, Hanif Wicaksono, Maximilian Mueller
Sagebrush [Re]generation by Waiyee Chou
SkyWater by P.K. VanderBeke, Migel Santos, Alexandra Flora-Ferreira, Lorenz Mager
Sources of Puha__Modular Earth Domes__Learning Man by Adrien Thivolle
Starship by Alexander Dzurec, Ivan Spratte, Tim Schwartz
HUTSA’WA TABA by Remy Jansen
Hyphae by Háta Enochová, Petr Stojaník, Marek Kratochvíl, Háta Enochová
Jewels in the Desert by Cal Tompkins
Made from Dust - A Fly Ranch discovery trail by Luis Philippsen
META.ZERO.BOLISM by gaby san roman
o-phosis by Karen Correa, Erika del Carmen Trejo Aguirre, Sofía Itzel Ávila Flores
Breathing Room by Lekha Washington
BRIDGING Binaries by Rohin Sher, Ms. Urooj Iqbal, Ms. Pradhi Pathak
Burning Again by Yuxiang Sun, Fangning Wang, Mengfan Chen, Yu Cao
Desert Bloom: Planting a Paradigm Shift by George Beinetti, Ari Raeburn, Hannah Noll, Jeancarlo Barrientos, Shuhua Li, Meaghan Keefe, Sean Satchwell
DragonFly Flats at Fly Ranch by LISA WIPPLINGER, Teresa McNulty, Janus Welton
Evolving Community in Oasis - E.C.O. by Tatiana Prevezentseva, Pelikh Anna Vitalievna, Shkarupa Anastasia Aleksandrovna, Ryseva Tatiana Sergeevna, Murashko Tatiana Andreevna, Starostin Nikita Dmitrievich
Fly Haven by Nathan Bonneville, Valerie Beauregard, Grace Cheong, Marco Chimienti, Pierre-Charles Gauthier
FlyHive by Rbhu LLC, Ellie Sass, Carl Fosholt, Alan Lum, Amy Shu Chang, Daniel Muccino, Ali Lahijanian, Selinda Martinez
A pinch of earth by nicholas Bartlett
INFRASTRUCTURAL PHOTOSYNTHESIS - The trees at Fly Ranch by Santiago Muros Cortes
KUA by Karla Yáñez, Juan Jafet Monterrrubio Delgado, Patricio Fernández González
La Muse by Vincent Van Dongen, Jean Damecour
Ephemeral Station - A Communal Resource collector by OF. Studio
Superseed by Ruxandra Iancu Bratosin, James Burns, Alessandro Mattoccia, Rodrigo Rubio
MAGIC BAG by Luo Qiu, Karolina, Yilun Fan, Liang Li
Le Mirage by Aitor Almaraz, Yian Jiang, Enrique Cuartero
LE METAMORPHE by Jean-christophe Petillault, Raphael Journaux, Rouba daham, PETILLAULT JEAN-CHRISTOPHE
Wild Compassion by Tim Barry, Marjaneh Hedayat, Weldon Beauchamp
Hydro Habitat by Noah Sturbois, Steven Yang, Marshall Karchunas
Halations by Daniel Ichallalene
GHOST DANCE 2.0 RANCH by Sergio Bianchi, Angelo Mizzon, Mariangela De Meo, Maria Gracia Guerreros, Simone Fracasso
FREELANDER by Andrea Giuseppe Bulloni, Greta Gasparini, Raffaele Orru, Federica Caccia, Yuri Rocco, Matteo Ciabattini, Matteo Arietti
FlyCiety by Uwe Meurer
Fly Ranch Poo Farm by Emily Stover, Vince deBritto
FLY RANCH - TREASURE HUNT by RAYA ANI, Shivani Akar, Rimshi Agrawal, Maria Farah, Drashti Shroff
FlowFlux by Mitchell Schools
Floating Forest by Eric Delitzsch
Dream Catcher by Xinbo Xu, Yusuf Rahman, Ziyang Song, Guofan Zhou
Perpetuum Mobile by Jose Carlos de Silva, Rodrigo Marquez, Leonardo de Silva
Crying Stone by Lisa Figueras, Morgane Alonzo, Namjung KIM, Lisa Figueras
Dervish by Scott Constable, Quinby Duble, Ene Osteraas-Constable
Consilience: A Shelter by Don Kennell, Lisa Adler
Cattleya by Dario Cadamosti, Gianmarco Paterna
Black Rock Diamond by Kimberly Carlton
Aqueduct by Zofia Jasniewicz, Dr. Łukasz Weber, Piotr Duszyński, Lewin Biskupski
Aerial Tambo by Milagros Aguilar Plaza, Sergio Guzman, Mariano Quiroga Robles
Re:Death by Asha Kiran Singhal, Curtis Ho, Nathan Stewart, Jamie Miller
34 Fly Ranch by Les Bursian
A Deluge of Sand by Allen Bell, Ryosuke Imaeda
A sun, A Bubble, A Man by Vrushali Shah, Toluwanimi Babalola, Pierre Marais, Kyle Edery
A Vessel for Detachment by Jackson Wynne
Baba Yaga in chains by mohammad mohammadzade, hamidreza rohani
Black Rock Vitality by Anna Stroh, Alex Mason
Cactus Legend by Siyu Mao, Shi Shi, Tiantian Zheng
Catenary Kitchen by Paul Flude, Andrew Horsborough
Common Ground by Daryl Henderson, Gregory Scott, Frank Sanborn, Emily Nyburg
Communal Cocoons by John Craig
Convergence by Ben Holzwarth

DRAWINGS by Antonio Maccà
ethos greenhouse and garden by Jacob greene, Eric Broili, Tim dziuba, Jacub Greene
existence by nattapong Saruno, nat saligupta
Laminar Flow by Sean Carleton, Rodrigo Lopez Sobreviela, Eric A. Lipson
Fly Cosmic Regeneration by Leiasa Beckham, Tom Chi, Jessica Kung Dryfus
Fly Ranch Botanical Garden by Samar Kattan
Fly Ranch Deep Learning Experience by Anthony Duckworth, Jarrad Vladich, Anita Emor
Fly Ranch Sky Villages by Scott Parenteau, Norman Smith
Fly Ranch Sweat Lodge by Soumyashri Sridharmurthy, Kameela Samuel
Fly Ranch Weather Stations by Aaron Wood
Fly Ranch. Eco Hut by Alena Chuvilina
Flying Angel by jag singh
FOOTPRINTLAGI by Carlos Antonio González Alemán
Gabion Wall Shelter by Matthew Smith, Anna Sawyer
Grounded by Annie Kern
IN(VISIBLE) by Meret Baumann, Josephine Simon
In-Between by Oshin Shah, Khana Daniyal
Leader Fishy by Richard Wisinski, Sun Ray Kelly, Eric Emal, Bob Frange, Guilliam Tonon, Alex Robbins, Jay Fowler
Leave Catalytic Traces by Jessica Rossi-Mastracci
LUMEN AURA by Manisha Abhisara, Tejas H, Sanjay S R, Sushravya M
Memory Seed In Feather by Jingwen Zhu, LAURA BUENDIA RUIZ, Yu Chen, Xinyi Wang, Xiaoxia Zhang
Monolithic cabins by Alberto Bianciotto, Giovanni Caci
Nebula by Kelsey Ryan, sara sadeghian, Amir Kianfar, Yasaman Nafezi, Manuela Loza
Own Space by Veronika Zaripova
Peace with nature by shahriyar zarei kasiri, Mahshid Heroabady, Shahriyar Zarei Kasiri
PERPETUAL MOVEMENT by Anna Guseva, Rezeda Akhtiamova, Ilnar Akhtiamov
POOHA by Marco Cisaria, Carlotta Orioli, Giorgia Pontetti, Marco Stazi, Michela Belli, Michal Ziso
PROJECT O.R.B by Darleen Piol
PYRADOME by Brian Saldana
Pyramids of Fly Ranch by Maryam Saleem, Ahmed Sohail
Relief Sculpture as Infrastructure by Steve Lloyd, Laurie Kress
Respite from the Playa of Life by Gabriel Christensen
RISING FROM THE DUST by Nidhi Raveendran, Manasi Menon, Julia Thomas
Rituals, Rites and Reclaimation: FLOW "Biodynamic Flowforms, Bioform and Raincatchment CAPE" by Ashley Kyber
Salt Circuit by Anna Tiburzi, John Enoch, Yudou Hou, James Tynan, Maximilian Eckhardt, Ethan Appelgren, Jesse Newman, Anna Tiburzi
SEDGE CITY by Ken Haggard, Craig Dobbs, Andrew Roof, Polly Cooper, Mark Grayson, Aaron Hsia-Coron, Nathan Lundberg, Angela Tahti
Sensor-field by Bryce Truitt, Alex Poff, Frederick Pearsall
Solar Petals by Humyura Anika
Solar Tapestry by Graham Baldwin
Symbiogenesis by Sam Smith
Symbiosis by Paolo Zurk
TA-Se-No ....* Healing Star Temple and Kiva* by deva nirguna, Andrea Castillo
The Butterfly Bathhouse: Rainwater, Greywater, and Wastewater Garden Systems by Megan Szrom, Brennan Bird, Lucy OLeary, Lincoln Perinno, Mark Nelson
The Cereus by Sandra Przepiórkowska, Ewelina Andrecka, Hanna Haczek, Sandra Przepiórkowska
THE ENERGY RITUAL WIKIUP by Luca Cardani, Chiara Simonelli, Sofia Scalisi, Claudia Cavallo
The Outpost by Hugh Keenan
The Perfection of The Irregular. (One system, three typologies). by Carlos Campos, Yamila Zynda Aiub
The Solar Tree by Anuj Modi, Salai Vedha Viradhan, Aditya Jain, Nuru Karim
THE SOLARSHELTER by Guillermo Bruzual, Sofia Chiabolotti
The Thermophilic Farm by Daphne Gsell
The Watery - Water of Life Reimagined by Tim DeLorey, Mayra McCullough, Randy Palumbo, Dave Boyland, Tor Ewald
The Wave by Tomás Renzulli
The World Art Station by Hrabrina Nikolova
TP_2.0 by Massimiliano Coni
Trine - The Future of Fly Ranch by Samuel Pettit, Adreas Arias
Using Less by Lingfei Dai, Ryan Duncan, Lucinda Steurer, Keenan Porter, Patrick Whitford, Amanda Morfea, Matthew Romano
Venus' Flower Basket by Sunny Pawar
Wind Ways by David Pintor
Untitled space #3 by Benjamin Rowe
The RegenOasis by John Humphrey, Joe Oconnor
The Qube by Paul Duncker
The Big Pivot by Martin MacKerel
Super house by Shumenko Maxim
Sun Kinetic Flywheel by Sean Langlais
Steps fall by Yusuf Usmani
Shelter by Dennis Lischenko
Ocean Ranch by James Baumgartner, Lucas Che Tizard, James Baumgartner
Mayur - Lens Shape Blue-Green Arch Peacock Solar PV Greenhouse on North Fly Ranch by Sanjay Ektate
Locorum Gigantic by Juli Sparks, Lexi McKnight, Allen Sparks
H-Shelter by Joseph Tasnadi, Greg Tasnadi
Hedonistic Sustainability: Excrement Explosives by Courtney King, Josiah Cain
Haven Homes @ Fly Ranch by Greg Bischoff
GeoCamp by Peter Stanley, Taylor Harig, Trinity Quillin
Earth Ship by Arq. Arturo Cole
Fly Ranch Master Plan by Ty Eckley, Phil Schmitt, Rucker Simon, Warren Johnson
MobiGrid by William Heegaard, Greta Goetz, Jamie Swezey, Nate Heegaard, Lee Feliciano, Oscar Ruiz
Precipitous Promontories (Remembrance of the Anthropocene) by Louie T. Navarro
The Precursor by Sergio Mata, Selma Llamas
Tree of wildlife by Massimo Massarotto, Molly Knickerbocker, Erin Bridges Bird, Alison Anderson, Zachi Anderson
Metahaven by A.K. Adams
G-Flex Insulation Yurts by Natalie Spilger
The residential complex by hela anvari, kasraahmadi
Altar of Fly Ranch by Joel Joseph
The sail by Liu yu dan, Liu xiaoming
Re-Paiute the Playa by Ariel Ojibway