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Turning Renewable Energy Infrastructure into Lasting Artful Monuments

Special editorial by LAGI co-founders Elizabeth Monoian and Robert Ferry The importance of design in our global response to climate change cannot be overstated. Our collective carbon footprint is a reflection of the design of our building systems and envelopes, our landscapes, our city … Continue reading

The Surface Area Required to Power California with 100% Renewable Energy

click on the image above to access the full-size PDF California has enacted an ambitious carbon reduction policy to bring emissions down to 40% below 1990 levels by the year 2030. We decided to take a look at what the … Continue reading

Renewable Energy from Evaporation!

Understanding this research coming out of Columbia University, might make your mind explode. The implications of this are potentially far-reaching, but the research is still in an early stage and just beginning to get public attention. It doesn’t even have … Continue reading

Renewable Energy in our Cities: Natalie Mossin and Simone Kongsbak with Smith Innovation

Natalie Mossin and Simone Kongsbak from Smith Innovation in Copenhagen discuss how we can creatively integrate renewable energy into our cities. How can we make new energy-generating interventions that people would like to be a part of and live next … Continue reading

A Storage Revolution Will Help Bring About a Renewable Energy Golden Age

There are number of ways to measure the cost of energy when you are comparing, say solar photovoltaic vs. coal-fired power for example. When comparing simple cost per megawatt-hour over a 30-year power plant life-cycle, we are now at or … Continue reading

The Printed Version of “A Field Guide to Renewable Energy Infrastructure” Is Available In July!

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded A Field Guide to Renewable Energy Technologies. Since we made it available in February, this free online PDF has been downloaded over 60,000 times! We have had many requests for a printed version … Continue reading

Atmospheric Electricity Generation: Is this “true energy” the sleeping giant of renewables?

A company called SEFE says that it will soon be able to generate a limitless supply of renewable energy by converting static electricity from the atmosphere into direct current. Ever since Benjamin Franklin and his kite, we have been aware … Continue reading

Field Guide to Renewable Energy Technologies

As a part of the Land Art Generator Initiative, we have put together this free Field Guide to Renewable Energy Technologies that we hope can be a useful resource for all designers, homeowners, urban planners, students, artists, architects, landscape architects, … Continue reading

Renewable Energy Infrastructure and Public Space

The following is part of a lecture that we gave for the AIA Middle East CES Course on the topics of Sustainable Design and Regional/Urban Design & Planning. In 2008, we designed a solution for an iconic tower for Dubai … Continue reading

READ Renewable Energy Art & Design

We are very pleased to announce the official launch of our online energy literacy project, READ. READ intersects art, science and technology with the objective of educating a broad audience about the concept of aesthetic clean energy generation. Please explore … Continue reading

Societal Impact of Renewable Energy Installations

This New York Times video highlights the growing issues related to wind turbines that are in close enough proximity to residential neighborhoods as to be visible and audible. What is interesting to us from this story in Maine is not … Continue reading

FERN (Future / Energy / Renewable / Nature)

Takuya Onishi / LAUNCHPAD05 Designed for Site #1 in Dubai, near Ras al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary. Design Submission for the 2010 Land Art Generator Initiative Design Competition Artist’s descriptive text: An ordinary solar plant places solar panels and frame structures … Continue reading

SF Bay Bridge = Work of Renewable Energy Art?

We at the Land Art Generator Initiative are big fans of John King’s idea for the old span of the Bay Bridge. His opinion article in yesterday’s SF Chronicle lays out scenarios for wind turbines and PV panels on the … Continue reading

The Aesthetics of Renewable Energy

Our round table discussion at the World Future Energy Summit was entitled, The Aesthetics of Power Generation Architecture in the Urban Fabric of the Renewable Energy Future. A summary follows below of the main topics discussed. Illustration sources can be … Continue reading

Flame-farting Dung Beetle art turns plastic waste into usable energy

A giant colorful metal ball shoots plastic-fired farts 6.5 feet into a dark night sky. This is how Alliance Earth’s Dung Beetle made its recent debut during South Africa’s annual Burning Man event, AfrikaBurn. It’s a fitting venue too. Burning … Continue reading

Sun Stomp solar art could power a Baltimore home for one year

It’s been a big week for us with the announcement that Rio Iluminado won the LAGI Willimantic design competition in Connecticut. We’re floored by the community’s will to transform their town into an exciting new destination for people from all walks of life, and look forward to … Continue reading

Rio Iluminado: Solar-powered arch wins LAGI Willimantic design competition

Rio Iluminado by Pirie Associates, Lindsay Suter, and Gar Waterman.   The winning team of the most recent LAGI design competition was presented with their award today at Connecticut Arts Day. The artwork, called Rio Iluminado, has won the design … Continue reading

LAGI Willimantic: a Blueprint for Socioeconomic Development in Post-Industrial Cities

Eddy Line by Höweler+Yoon & Gray Organschi. A small town in Connecticut has created an inspiring new blueprint for post-industrial socioeconomic upliftment. Part of Windham, and formerly nicknamed “Thread City”, Willimantic will soon announce the winner of the LAGI Willimantic … Continue reading

How dye-sensitized cells revolutionized the solar industry

Professor Michael Grätzel’s future flashed before his eyes in 1973 when OPEC stopped supplying the United States and Western Europe with oil. Foreseeing a time when fossil fuels would be depleted, and freshly armed with a PhD from the Technical … Continue reading

7 Public Art Designs Powered By Algae

Algae is awesome. There’s no other way to put it. Ranging from single-celled to complex multicellular organisms, algae has existed for at least three billion years, according to the Smithsonian. Today, its potential to disrupt modern life is increasingly coming into focus. On the one hand, … Continue reading