As a part of the Land Art Generator Initiative, we have put together this free Field Guide to Renewable Energy Technologies that we hope can be a useful resource for all designers, homeowners, urban planners, students, artists, architects, landscape architects, engineers, and anyone else interested in a clean energy future.
(click on the image below to download the free PDF document)

It is important to note is that there is a lot more out there than what we see in the everyday. In fact, you will see here that there are dozens of proven methods of harnessing the power of nature in sustainable ways. Some of the more interesting examples that may be applicable as a medium for public art installations are the translucent thin films which can be flexible and offer interesting hues and textures, piezoelectric generators that capture vibration energy, and concentrated photovoltaics, which allow for interesting play with light. But the possibilities are endless and new designs are coming into the market all the time that can be artistically integrated into beautiful sustainable infrastructure.

It is our hope that this field guide will get you thinking creatively about ways to combine technologies and use them in innovative contexts. Through a better understanding of the wealth of possibilities that are out there, the guide will provide designers with more tools with which to conceive of net zero energy constructions.

This is a first edition. The second edition will include pros and cons, lifecycle carbon costs, and more detailed diagrams of the technologies. And we’ll continue to keep the guide updated as new technologies are researched and brought to market.

Let us know what you think.