Natalie Mossin and Simone Kongsbak from Smith Innovation in Copenhagen discuss how we can creatively integrate renewable energy into our cities. How can we make new energy-generating interventions that people would like to be a part of and live next door to?

More from Natalie Mossin on Danish renewable energy and the cooperative movement in Denmark:

The overall objective of a sustainable society is, in the end, a collective objective. Taking over ownership of energy production is not an end in itself. It is the taking ownership of the collective solution that is interesting. The initiatives of individuals should be a part of that. The Andelsbevægelsen, or cooperative movement, in Denmark is a really strong part of our culture and it shows beautifully how each individual can take ownership in the collective solution. Each person has a role and influence, but all are acting for the common good.

Natalie Mossin is also head of the Danish Architects’ Association (Arkitektforeningen).

Video by Deborah Hosking