We at the Land Art Generator Initiative are big fans of John King’s idea for the old span of the Bay Bridge. His opinion article in yesterday’s SF Chronicle lays out scenarios for wind turbines and PV panels on the old span as a monument to the 21st century. Perhaps we should have a design competition? John King writes:

Imagine, for instance, that experimental wind turbines dotted the structure, corkscrews whirling in the stiff afternoon wind. Or a thin-sliced row of photovoltaic solar panels stretched across the top of the span, harvesting the sun on all but the foggiest days.

None of this is in the works, of course: The $6.3 billion budget for the new eastern span includes $240 million to remove the 1.9-mile structure that exists. Some pieces will be preserved as high-tonnage keepsakes. Most will probably end up on a slow boat to China, with scrap metal yards as the final destination.