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The Key to Successful Placemaking: Integrated Design and Community Collaboration

The winners of the LAGI Willimantic design competition in Connecticut credit, in large measure, their engagement with the local community for developing their winning proposal. Laura Pirie from Pirie Associates describes how her team spent over 20 hours talking to … Continue reading

How Regenerative Art Can Help Australia Kick Fossil Fuels

Change can be hard—even at the individual level. Like taking my reusable bags to the grocery store. I regularly forget them, even though I loathe plastic bags. And I still can’t get through a day on a single cup of … Continue reading

7 Public Art Designs Powered By Algae

Algae is awesome. There’s no other way to put it. Ranging from single-celled to complex multicellular organisms, algae has existed for at least three billion years, according to the Smithsonian. Today, its potential to disrupt modern life is increasingly coming into focus. On the one hand, … Continue reading

Turning Renewable Energy Infrastructure into Lasting Artful Monuments

Special editorial by LAGI co-founders Elizabeth Monoian and Robert Ferry The importance of design in our global response to climate change cannot be overstated. Our collective carbon footprint is a reflection of the design of our building systems and envelopes, our landscapes, our city … Continue reading