The Shortlist for the LAGI 2012 Freshkills Park NYC Design Competition

We are pleased to announce the shortlist for the 2012 Land Art Generator Initiative design competition for Freshkills Park as determined by a group of professionals in NYC. A very special thank you to the entire shortlist committee and to Decker Yeadon, LLC for hosting this evening of engaged dialogue!

And congratulations to the teams. We thank each of them for developing such innovative concepts. Together the 2012 portfolio shows a beautiful vision of our clean energy future.

1st Place (Chosen by the official jurors)
Scene-Sensor // Crossing Social and Ecological Flows
Artist Team: James Murray, Shota Vashakmadze
Artist Location: Atlanta, USA
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2nd Place (Chosen by the official jurors)
Fresh Hills
Artist Team: Matthew Rosenberg
Artist Location: Los Angeles, USA
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3rd Place Mention (Chosen by the official jurors)
Artist Team: Ben Smith, Vee Hu
Artist Location: Atlanta, USA
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4th Place Mention (Chosen by the official jurors)
99 Red Balloons
Artist Team: Scott Rosin, Meaghan Hunter, Danielle Loeb, Emeka Nnadi, Kara McDowell, Jocelyn Chorney, Indrajit Mitra, Narges Ayat, Denis Fleury
Artist Location: Winnipeg, Canada
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The below list is in random order and does not represent placement within the shortlist.

Solar Loop
Artist Team: Paolo Venturella, Alessandro Balducci, Gilberto Bonelli, Rocco Valantines, Mario Emanuele Salini, Pietro Bodria
Artist Location: Paris, France
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Power Play!
Artist Team: Trygve Faste, Aubrey Ament, Michael Bartell, Bryce Burgess, Kevin Do, Yasunori Fujikawa, Elizabeth Hampton, Heidi Hollingsworth, Isamu Jarman, Stephanie McCuaig, Lauren Mikami, Daniel Nicholson, Nathan Schultze, Claire Stewart, Joel Swenson, Rebecca Swofford
Artist Location: Eugene, Oregon, USA
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In Between Scapes of Light
Artist Team: Carmen Bakanitsch, Christoph Walter Pirker
Artist Location: Graz, Austria
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Inefficiency can be Beautiful
Artist Team: Young-Tack Oh, Sungwoo Mattew Choi, Taylor Tso, Jin Hwan Choi, Joshua Choi, Betty Liu, Bomin Kim
Artist Location: Saint Louis, USA
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Field of Energy
Artist Team: Georgia Chousou, Pinelopi Korantani
Artist Location: Athens, Greece
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Artist Team: Michael Christian, Moumee Habib, Vanessa Pankhurst
Artist Location: Halifax, Canada
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Artist Team: Dmitriy Lewicki, Michael Hromek, Jordan Soriot
Artist Location: Sydney, Australia
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Artist Team: William E. Roberts, Laura Santín
Artist Location: New York City, USA
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The Solar Cairn
Artist Team: Julianne Brown, Christian Brown, Onion 3D Design
Artist Location: New York City, USA
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Electric Meadow
Artist Team: Andrea Legge, R. Murray Legge AIA, Deborah Eve Lewis, Jaime A. Castro (P.E., LEED AP, CEM, CxA S-E-A, Limited)
Artist Location: New York City, Houston & Austin TX, USA
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Artist Team: Dyani Robarge, Natalie Snyder, May Sagenes
Studio of Associate Professor, Lisa Tilder, at the Knowlton School of Architecture, The Ohio State University, Columbus
Artist Location: Columbus, OH, USA
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Art Wind Energy Unit (A.W.E.)
Artist Team: Ana Morcillo Pallares, Jonathan Rule
Artist Location: Cieza (Murcia), Spain
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Artist Team: Inki Hong, Solim Choi, Walter Sueldo (Architecture i.S)
Artist Location: Union City, USA
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Artist Team: Michael Chaveriat, Yikyu Choe, Myung Kweon Park
Artist Location: New York City, USA
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Artist Team: Elcin Ertugrul, Katherine Moya, Carlos Alegria, Joaquin Boldrini
Artist Location: New York City, USA
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Fresh Clouds
Artist Team: Thomas Kosbau, Joseph Hines, Brendan Warford, Chris Smith, Sergio Saucedo, and Blanca Eleta
Artist Location: Brooklyn, New York, USA
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Solar Bloom
Artist Team: Robert Cervellione
Artist Location: New York City, USA
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Artist Team: Yijie Dang, Tom Tang
Artist Location: New York City, USA
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The Beauty of Recycling
Artist Team: Daniel Elmore
Artist Location: Cherry Hill, USA
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NAWT Balloons
Artist Team: Thomas Kelley, Carrie Norman, Sarah Jazmine Fugate
Artist Location: Chicago, USA
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Artist Team: Anna Walker
Artist Location: Asheville, USA
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