Blowing Horn
Submission to the 2014 Land Art Generator Initiative Copenhagen design competition

Artist Team: Hooman Tahvildar Akbary
Artist Location: Tehran, Iran
Energy Technologies: Windbelt™, compact wind acceleration turbine, multi-rotor wind turbine

Near the shores of the great Belt, which is one of the straits that connect the Cattegat with the Baltic, stands an old mansion with thick red walls. I know every stone of it, says the Wind.
-The Story of the Wind, Hans Christian Andersen

This new energy monument is oriented toward the most powerful and prevailing winds on the site. Its form gives reference to the large horns that were used throughout history to call across long distances, but it also serves an important utility. By reducing the cone diameter from the mouth, the speed of the wind increases towards the narrower end of the horn—an application of the compact acceleration turbine lens that makes use of the venture effect.

Inside of Blowing Horn there are a series of wind rotors with a single drive shaft—a multi-rotor wind turbine invented by Doug Selsam. By placing multiple rotors onto a single shaft, the amount of energy that is generated on a single turbine is multiplied.

The ship form at the base of monument is designed to act as a channel, which leads wind through a Windbelt™ array on the deck and the outer shell of this new golden horn for environmental energy production.