Submission to the 2014 Land Art Generator Initiative Copenhagen design competition

Artist Team: Chanin Sheeranangsu, Pattra Wongsantimeth
Artist Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Energy Technologies: piezoelectric ceramic discs

Windbrator is a work of land art for the regenerative metropolis, providing electricity to the city through the natural force of wind. The key is to generate renewable energy from the vibrations caused by the infinite, yet ever changing, supply of wind.

Kinetic force is captured and turned to electric power by the use of piezoelectric ceramic discs that are arrayed around 220,000 piezoballs—the primary module of the artwork. The structural housing consists of 552 sectional 3-meter square quadrate poles that vary in height from 15–35 meters.

The towers are arranged in a plan to reflect the prevailing wind direction at the site throughout the four seasons. At the center is a serene and monumental public gathering space.

Piezoballs—each 30 centimeters in diameter with a transparent outer skin—adorn the top 10 meters of each pole to harvest electric power. Vibration sensors light up LEDs that function as a seasonal calendar as well as a nighttime spectacle.

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