Submission to the 2014 Land Art Generator Initiative Copenhagen design competition

Artist Team: Marilu Valente
Artist Location: London, UK
Energy Technologies: wind-driven hydraulic cylinder generators

Aetherius expresses the poetic potential of the natural resource of wind, as well as its potential to generate energy. Although wind does not have a shape or color, it can come alive and express its powerful elegance through the use of technology. The intervention aims to transmit the beauty of wind through its material manifestation. Aetherius enables the contemplation of nature as a source of beauty.

The installation moves according to the weather conditions—most specifically to the wind speed, frequency, and direction. The wind direction is not always constant. Even though the prevailing wind is westerly, there is always a microclimate created within an urban context. Aetherius responds to this unpredictability.

Two structures each cover a volume of 40 meters long by 45 meters wide by 30 meters high. The undulating façade is supported by two lateral walls that act as an enclosing architectural feature facilitating the organization of public events, such as concerts and markets.

The wind actuates a series of ultra-light wings attached to a pivot that can rotate within limits, adjusting for possible proximity to visitors. This initiates an interaction between the visitors and the structure.

The top of each wing is linked to a supporting beam with springs that have different levels of elasticity. Therefore each wing moves in a different way than its neighbor wing. This results in an ever-changing façade that responds to surrounding environmental conditions.

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