The Sound of Denmark
Submission to the 2014 Land Art Generator Initiative Copenhagen design competition

Artist Team: Laura Mesa Arango, Rafael Sanchez Herrera
Artist Location: Vienna, Austria
Energy Technologies: compact wind acceleration turbines

The force of the wind has carried the development of Denmark since ancient times. Wind strength assisted the Vikings as they colonized new lands, and now wind power provides renewable energy to Denmark. Because this natural force has always been rooted in the development of the country, the wind is the sound of Denmark. The Sound of Denmark creates a space for reflection and to feel this natural force that drives Denmark. It is a space for remembering the past and envisioning the future. This is a sound-landscape.

The Sound of Denmark consists of four Viking horn trios, each trio consisting of a large, medium, and small horn. The largest horn is carved with the letter of the alphabet that refers to the natural force “sun.” The next in size is carved with the letter that refers to the natural force “water.” And the smallest horn is carved with the letter that refers to the natural force “ice.”

The technology—compact wind acceleration turbine—concentrates the wind and increases its velocity as it passes through the horns. Each Viking horn is comprised of four wind turbines, and the tubular shape makes the lower part of the horn function as a sounding board. Each horn is composed of materials, such as wood and metal, obtained from the hulls of decommissioned ships. In this way, all principal materials used in the project are obtained from waste so that the environmental impact is minimal. In turn, the material has a direct relationship with the industrial and maritime history of its surroundings.

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