Pixelated Wind
Submission to the 2014 Land Art Generator Initiative Copenhagen design competition

Artist Team: Ryan Helle, Delaney Rockwell, Marcus Farr
Artist Location: Boulder (CO), USA
Energy Technologies: small compact acceleration wind turbines (CWAT)

Beginning with landform manipulations, a series of mounds ripple from the center of the site and flow into Copenhagen’s harbor. Windscreens are situated on top of the mounds, oriented to maximize wind energy harvesting.

The screens are a surface of pixelations, created by small, circular wind turbines. The turbines can collectively manipulate wind to produce energy and, at the same time, allow for a memorable and unique interaction through imbedded LED lights that change color based on wind speed.

The ever-changing luminescent pixelations make the energy of the wind visible. A diverse set of spatial experiences is created by the wind screens, which define rooms and walkways on the site. The large central space serves as an outdoor entertainment venue for concerts, festivals, speakers, and many other large outdoor events. At night the wind turbines will generate light in accordance to the direct wind speed hitting them.

The turbines include a series of high-performance cones that are used to concentrate the wind and increase its velocity as it passes through the rotors. The result is increased efficiency and noise reduction.