Submission to the 2014 Land Art Generator Initiative Copenhagen design competition

Artist Team: ByungEon Song, SooHyun Kang, John Song
Artist Location: : Seoul, South Korea
Energy Technologies: : Piezoelectric Disks

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Long poles standing on artificial wind slopes continually move like a field of reeds according to the direction of wind. Daylight reflections and dim lighting at night invite visitors to imagine a scene from the Little Mermaid.

Lightfoam is an array of 2,400 polished, white bending poles that harvest the energy of the wind with piezoelectric generators. The 20-meter high poles naturally respond to any change in wind direction. Each is embedded with stacks of piezoelectric discs set between rigid backup plates. To increase the intensity of wind, these piezoelectric structures protrude through a platform shaped to form a valley. The framework of poles is free to bend and respond to all forces, such as wind or people. The more they bend, the more electricity they generate.

At night, LED light sources inside each pole allow the structure to glow or dim depending on the amount of energy they generate. As the wind moves, the fiber rods softly sway to create a dynamic effect and memorable scenery.

The site is transformed into a public park where children can shift or climb between poles, people can ride bicycles, or walk alone along vantage points on the slope. As they are enjoying the park, their activities generate additional energy through the poles and pavements.

As families come together on the playground, this active and energetic atmosphere will influence the surrounding island.