Zephyrus Park
A submission to the 2014 Land Art Generator Initiative Copenhagen design competition

Artist Team: Mike Sollenberger
Artist Location: Philadelphia (PA), USA
Energy Technologies: wind turbines within acceleration vaults
Annual Capacity: 250 MWh

Zephyrus Park harnesses the power of available wind that blows across the harbor of Copenhagen. Wind vector and sun angles form vaults that funnel wind into an array of wind turbines, amplifying wind speed, and increasing the efficiency with which each turbine produces energy for the city of Copenhagen. On the surface, a park provides community space along with semi-private areas created with the topography.

The vaults are set up to collect wind as much as possible throughout the year. The five intake vaults are positioned to take advantage of the abundant west wind. The funnels significantly increase the wind speed so that each turbine produces much more energy, allowing for a lower number of turbines.

The connection between surface and interior is made at the harbor bus dock, which allows a view deep into the vaults to see the turbines at work. This will be the most heavily accessed entry to the site and so will give users an idea of what is happening below as they inhabit the park above.