We’ve been a little busy this month and have not paid enough attention to our blog. To make it up to you, we’ve compiled some stories that we’ve come across recently that pertain to renewable energy and/or that may serve as inspiration to renewable energy artists.

    We think this EV charging station in Michigan has some style to it.

    Good summary of lithium battery technology for EV application.

    Integrating renewable energy into an educational public park experience in Great River Bluffs Park, Minnesota.

    Nice modular solution for large scale solar applications by Belectric.

    This is a new idea that we think has great potential for application in public art: ribbons that generate power from rain or wind from the University of Bolton in the UK.

    We think that there is great potential in a design competition to provide the most aesthetic solution for the new initiative in Japan for green energy cell phone masts.

    This new advancement in flexible solar paper at MIT could certainly have some interesting applications in plastic sculptural form.

    And of course we absolutely love the NYC Solar Map that was released this past month by Sustainable CUNY.

We’ll have more posts soon about upcoming events and the forthcoming release of the Land Art Generator Initiative book that will be coming out this fall!