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Haim Dotan Architects helped to design this concentrated solar power flower by Aora, inspired by the shape of a tulip. The first one pictured above was constructed on 0.5acre (2,000sq.m.) of land at Kibbutz Samar. They are now planning on constructing in Spain according to reporting today by Green Prophet.

From the article:

While the plant only produces kilowatts of electrical and thermal energy, and not megawatts like we see at CSP solar plants made by BrightSource or the CSP plant at Kuraymat, Egypt, the idea here is something kind of novel: to create small power plants around or very close to the grid, so that less power is lost along the way, in transmission.

The invention started in the labs of Prof. Jacob Karni at the Weizmann Institute in the 80s.

Each unit would power and heat between 40 and 50 homes by generating 100 kw of electric power and 170kW thermal power.