Since the competition has not yet been held, the principal artists have created some conceptual images to evoke ideas about what potential LAGI installations could look like and how many homes they could power.

Korfakhan Necklace: 30MW

Consists of 832 wave energy collecting devices that resemble in their above-water sculptural form the individual ornaments of a necklace. The long tendril shapes that they form follow the flow of the waves to the shore and are as ever-changing as the movement of the water. It is this movement of water that creates the energy inside the body of each amulet where fluid is pressurized to run a turbine generator. The energy is then transmitted along to the outermost band and to the shore where it is fed into the energy grid where it has the potential to power the approximately 15,000 households of this East coast city.

Glacier Bay Projection: 156KW

The renewable energy media sculpture is a video LED wall, with live streaming footage of Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska visible 24 hours a day on Sheikh Zayed Road on the route from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. The imagery will be ever changing as the wild landscape shifts minute by minute. The South-facing support structure contains a vast array of PV panels at a 30 degre angle. The camera in Alaska will be powered by a Wind Turbine. This piece could potentially power itself as well as the petrol stations and street lights along the highway.