Huffington Post: Creating Connections With Nature Via Art

Creating Connections With Nature Via Art
Huffington Post
February 23, 2014
by Carmen Zella

This type of art has been so inspiring that there has even been entire organizations centered around it. The Land Art Generator Initiative is one of them. They seek to promote sustainable design solutions by integrating art with renewable energy infrastructures. This organization is currently asking for entries for their LAGI 2014 Design competition. They are looking for entries that utilize public art into something that can also create clean energy. This is a little different than the land art, which was mentioned before, yet it is still drawing the attention back to the earth through the use of art. They, however, seek to do this in a more productive way. Ideas are welcomed to be submitted up till May 18.

This type of art offers an entirely new way of interacting with nature and truly does create a relationship between the artist and the earth. In modern times, this connection is vital to our future. I believe that art really can change the world. Both art and nature are purely inspirational. Put together, they might possibly provide us with the key for a bright and long future.