Powering Places is the beautiful hardcover book that catalogs the LAGI 2016 design competition for Santa Monica. It is available at many bookstores, museums, and online at the usual outlets. Here is a good list.

The book contains engaging essays by Patricia Watts (“Rising from the Ocean: ECOlogic LA”); James Harris (“Santa Monica’s Beach and Pier”); Barry Lehrman (“Los Angeles Aquaductsheds and Energysheds”); Glen Lowry (“Power Redesigned Is Power Redistributed—Spatial Justice and LAGI’s Human-scale Energy Solutions”). It begins with a foreword by Craig Watson (Director of the California Arts Council), and an introduction by the City of Santa Monica’s Cultural Affairs Director, Shannon Daut (“The Power of the Arts to Address Climate Change”).

LAGI co-founders Elizabeth Monoian and Robert Ferry also provide a contextual essay about how LAGI 2016 Santa Monica fits into the global social movement for climate progress and a post-carbon energy transition.

It also illustrates 55 of the incredible proposals for energy-generating public artworks that came in from around the world in response to the LAGI 2016 open call.

The beautiful book design is by Paul Schifino (Schifino Design), who also provided the graphic vision for the LAGI 2012 and LAGI 2014 books, Regenerative Infrastructures and New Energies.

Visit the historic Santa Monica Pier at low tide and across the water you’ll see the eroded remnants of a decades-old breakwater sea wall peeking up through the waves. Once a protective barrier for a long lost marina, it’s now the site of the fourth Land Art Generator Initiative design competition. Entrants were challenged to create a piece of civic art that also acts as sustainable and renewable energy infrastructure for the city of Santa Monica, California. This book includes renderings, illustrations, diagrams, and essays. The result is an astounding sampling of innovative and artistic solutions that employ the latest wave, tidal, wind, and solar technologies.

Hardcover: 240 pages
Publisher: Prestel (December 1, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 3791353691
ISBN-13: 978-3791353692