Sky+Music+Fountain+Water, a submission to the 2016 Land Art Generator Initiative design competition for Santa Monica

Artist: Oliver Ong
Artist Location: Brisbane, Australia
Energy Technologies: Point Absorber Wave Energy Converter (similar to CETO™)
Annual Capacity: 6,000 MWh, less energy used for water spray effects and sea organ

The sound of a choir of dolphins and whales makes its way across the surface of the water from pipes erected in the middle of the sea. It echoes across the sea to the beach. Beautiful sprays of water accompany the chorus, their direction always changing.

A power buoy wave energy system operates under the water’s surface, safe from large storms and practically invisible from the shore. The fully submerged buoys drive pumps and generators contained within the buoy itself, with electricity delivered back to shore through subsea cables for export to the grid.

The sky + music + fountain + water buoy design uses a translucent acrylic hull illuminated to mimic jellyfish.

Some of the energy is diverted to a pump that expels water and air. The seawater creates a constantly changing fountain while air is discharged through organ pipes. Visitors can take turns conducting this choir of sound and water from an organ-like keyboard on the Santa Monica Pier.