Submission to the 2014 Land Art Generator Initiative Copenhagen design competition

Artist Team: Luka Stojanovic, Djordje Subaric, Milica Didic, Marko Babic
Artist Location: Nis, Serbia
Energy Technologies: photovoltaic panels

Postulate represents the time distance between the Big Bang and the present, and the stages that have marked the path of the universe by reflecting the Constellation Orion onto the earth at Refshaleøen.

The artwork is also a constructed transposition of the sub-linguistic systems that undergird our universal grammar—the fundamental building blocks of our communication. The dodecahedron is the starting point geometry onto which is mapped the twelve stages of the life of the universe and twelve universal primordial representations of language and meaning.

These symbols modify the shape of the dodecahedron and come together to create the entire sculptural form. Photovoltaic panels create the skin of the structure and generate energy—a dialogue between the scale of the universe and the subatomic scale of the electron, which forms our thoughts and our language expression while also powering our economies.

Visitors to the installation will be taken on a journey of discovery through time and space as they progress through the twelve-stage walking path of cosmos-city-human/thought. Infinite space meets infinite complexity.