Shawati' Magazine

LAGI is honored to be working with Shawati’ magazine as our Media Partner throughout 2014. A bi-lingual {Arabic / English} arts and culture publication based in Abu Dhabi, their tagline reads “globalizing the local, localizing the global.” You will not find a more thoughtful and well designed/produced journal anywhere on the planet.

The Land Art Generator Initiative is a project of Society for Cultural Exchange, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization lead by Elizabeth Monoian & Robert Ferry (the co-directors of LAGI), and it remains critical to our overall mission to stay connected globally through creative, intellectual, and forward-thinking outlets around the world.

Shawati’ magazine is the official independent-voiced cultural and arts quarterly publication published under the patronage of HE Sheikh Sultan bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan and the government of Abu Dhabi. The core of Shawati’ essence; to preserve our ‘local heritage’ while embracing the ideals of global mindedness; thus creating an authentic Emirate set amid a modern world. Essentially we strive to balance and embody two languages—Arabic & English—a multitude of cultures, as well as a distinctive array of stories and voices—nestled within our pages.

Solar Eco System on Shawati' Cover

We’ve enjoyed staying connected with the Middle East (as many of you know the United Arab Emirates is the birthplace of the Land Art Generator Initiative!) and we see great potential for aesthetic renewable energy infrastructures in the region. Reciprocally it is nice to know that the readers of Shawati’ are learning about our work in other parts of the world.

And it’s been lovely working with the team at Shawati’!

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Shawati' Magazine