New York-based artist Eve Mosher takes the lead in speaking out about how the affects of global warming could potentially cause severe harm to our communities and homes—and inspires us to take action.

Her project, the HighWaterLine, is an initiative that is inspiring people from all over the world to take action in order to protect their homes from the ramifications of climate change. Using the results and research of modern scientists, Mosher draws white lines around key flood line areas of New York—this effort thus showing just how each community could potentially be impacted by rising water levels.

Mosher was inspired to do this out of the love for her home, as she didn’t want to see New York consumed by water. She claims that New York has a significant risk of flooding due to its geological location: it is made up of multiple islands, making rising water levels all the more dangerous and close to home. Most New Yorkers were not aware of this reality, and very much celebrated and became interested in Mosher’s HighWaterLine project.

There is something very significant to notice about Mosher’s work, and those acting to prevent climate complications have not yet acquired this talent. This is Mosher’s ability to make the scary potentialities of climate change less frightening, thus making people more likely to act and become excited rather than just afraid, confused, and passive.

Mosher does not blame anyone for current climate issues, and she does not scare the public either. The goal of her work is really meant to create a dialogue between people and their communities about how they can protect their homes from the affects of climate change.

Though Mosher has created HighWaterLines in major cities around the world, including The Hague, San Francisco, and Dublin, she does not seek to create HighWaterLines on a global scale on her own. She wants people to take action for their own homes, thus strengthening community environmental connection, power, and responsibility to the land on a personal level.

A guide designed to get the public started on creating HighWaterLines in their own communities can be found here, along with more information about the inspiring work of Eve Mosher: High Water Action Guide.

Photo from: The Third Ray

Information taken from the PDF file linked above and from Eve Mosher’s Youtube Video