Above: Pireddu, photograph by Shayanin Nilyok.

Taking place next month is the Landworks Sardinia exhibit from May 21-31.
The project is creating site-specific works for the Geomineral Park, UNESCO heritage, in Sardinia. From the website:

The LandWorks Sardinia operative Workshop is part of the international Festival of Ephemeral artistic installations, created by Prof. Stefan Tischer Director of the MMLU@AA, Master in Mediterranean Landscape Architecture in collaboration with Annacaterina Piras who got her PhD in Landscape Architecture at the Alghero School of Architecture.

The LandWorks International Operative Program is shared with local people and their administrators. The project promotes site specific experimentation with artistic installations in Sardinian territories for the environmental, landscape, architectural and cultural development of landscape in progress, more specifically the sensitive, degraded, unstable landscape of the Geomineral Park UNESCO heritage site, inside the abandoned mining areas in the municipalities of Montevecchio, Ingurtosu, Naracauli and Monteponi.