Wolt is an interesting and rather artful application of the Humdinger technology to an existing agricultural infrastructure. You can read more about it at the James Dyson Award website where it is listed as an entry along with additional renderings.

From the artist’s description:

‘Wolt’ makes the efficient dual exploitation of modern vineyards possible, by enabling wine and electricity to be harvested. Working on the principle of the ‘Humdinger Windbelt Technology’, it generates electricity by means of a wind-oscillated band instead of using a conventional rotor. The electricity yield exceeds the energy requirements for the wine production and therefore ensures an equable balance of energy within ecological wine growing. ‘Wolt’ is comprised of hundreds of individual elements, which are mounted on to the vineyard posts and linked to each other above ground. This system uses the existing infrastructure of modern vineyards and simply adds more components. ‘Wolt’ has been designed to compete with current wind power production by using cost-saving, economical and robust elements Wine is harvested once a year, but wind energy can be produced throughout the year. ‘Wolt’ therefore offers a lucrative and practical exploitation for wine growing businesses.

found via ecofriend