Dr. Timothy Adams and his wife Cindy Adams are residents of the South Shore Heights neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska. They invested $40,000 last year to install solar panels on their own roof as a way to reduce their energy costs and, as they so rightfully put it, “making sure that we pass on a better world for our kids.”

As you can see from this small image taken from their website, the panels are almost impossible to notice past the large garage that dominates the front of their house. Nevertheless, they are being sued by the homeowners association of their neighborhood. A vote of the neighbors came out 2:1 in favor of forcing the Adams’ to spend another $6,000 to have the panels removed.

What stories like this make evident is that we have a long way to go towards education about renewable energy and the benefits of distributed grids and on-site generation.

Here is a link the the website that the Adams’ have made to promote their cause and educate people about solar (music on the site, but it can be paused). You’ll find more information about the specifics of the lawsuit that has been filed against them if you’re interested. And you can sign an online petition in their defense.

via WOWT.com