Yintsu LU
Designed for Site #2 in Abu Dhabi, between Saadiyat Island and Yas Island.

Design Submission for the 2010 Land Art Generator Initiative Design Competition

Artist’s descriptive text:
People try hard to find the way to live on this poor land. The effort to discover the resources for living is appreciated. To find the way to survive is the instinct of creature. Then the project I named “the luna sea” to remind people to pioneer the new and proper way to live for the new age.

The landscape is like the crater on the moon and the scar left on the earth surface after people over developed. How to transform the actions from injuring to protecting the environment is the concept of this project. It is the new medium people interact with the nature to find the resource to live.

The resources in the desert most deficient is fresh water. Now the fresh water underground will be dry out in few years if there’s no way to find the new source.
This landscape is the medium to create the most valuable resource as the fresh water for living in this poor land by natural process as vaporization and steam collection.

The round metal roof are the plate shape to collect the sun heat at daytime. The heat will vaporize the sea water flow into the pools during the ocean high tides through the sea water flume into steam. At night time, the round roof become the cooler to congeal the steam at the bottom side of the roof to fresh water. The curve shape will collect the water to the fresh water temple as the showroom and the recreation room to have activities as the oasis in the desert.

The landscape like the scar left on the earth when we see that from sky. To remind people how harmful we have done with earth. But the landscape is actually our future when we stand by it and enjoy the results like fresh water. It’s the temple to remind people our future lies in our own hands.

low-res version PDF of submitted boards