LAGI at TEDx Copenhagen

There will be a small LAGI exhibition during the TEDx Copenhagen Salon event "Green Natives."

The event is December 9th, 2013 in the UN City.

"In the Seventies, they told us to turn off the tap when brushing our teeth, and we began to fear that acid rain would destroy nature. In the Eighties we followed the voyages of the original Rainbow Warrior, and learned that spray cans were eating the ozone layer like Pac-Man on speed. In the Nineties we bought pieces of the shrinking Amazon while a metallic forest of windmills arose. And ever since, we have been exposed to corporate shills and quislings, COPs, melting icebergs, rising oceans, and a gathering storm that is casting its shadow ever longer and blacker upon our tomorrow.

We are all Green Natives – people born and raised in a world aware of climate changes and our planet’s limited resources.

But will we act on what we know?

Some of us have already begun"