Green Building & Design

Green Building & Design
May/June 2013 Editor’s Picks
By Timothy A. Schuler

"Each time we put our mark on the land, we accept the ‘terms and conditions’ of the Earth, which state plainly that what we build will not last forever. This idea is well represented below in the contrast between the nascent design work happening at Freshkills Park and the practically post-apocalyptic slog of Detroit. Wherever they fall on the spectrum, here are six things we guarantee will leave you thinking about the sustainability of our cities." ....

"The Land Art Generator Initiative’s 2012 competition involved a site within Freshkills Park, a 2,200-acre former landfill now maintained by New York City’s parks and recreation department. Proposals for art that also generated clean energy came from around the world, visions of giant screens laced with piezoelectric wires (the winner), cornucopia-like wind farms, even 99 red balloons, which unlike those in the song would be 50 feet tall and lined with transparent solar cells. Sifting through them is like watching a movie trailer for the future."

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