National Renewable Energy Laboratory / Arizona State University

Land Art Generator Directors, Robert Ferry & Elizabeth Monoian, participated in a writing workshop that took place at NREL, organized by Arizona State University's Center for Science and the Imagination and the School for the Future of Innovation in Society.

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Science fiction authors and artists from the Denver area collaborated with researchers, experts, and graduate students from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Arizona State University for a unique workshop that used science fiction as a lens to explore the technological, social, and cultural aspects of a transition to a clean energy future powered by renewables.

Held at NREL February 26–27, 2020, the Urban Electrification and the Future of Cities workshop brought together a cross-disciplinary group of experts from various areas of science, engineering, and the arts to create narratives of hope and visions for the future—inspiring art, short stories, and essays for a book titled The Weight of Light, Volume II.

The new book is a follow-on to the first volume published by Arizona State University after a similar workshop held last year. It will be available for free in digital formats later this year.