Commonfield Convening

Commonfield Convening
LAGI Directors Elizabeth Monoian and Robert Ferry joined our San Antonio Solar Mural artwork team on a panel discussion.
April 25, 2020
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With Susana Mendez Segura (San Antonio, TX), Penelope Boyer (San Antonio, TX), Robert Ferry & Elizabeth Monoian (Seattle, WA), Stephen Lucke (San Antonio, TX)

This Report from the Field will introduce intersections of community heritage and regenerative design through a conversation between a Seattle-based founder of the Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) and San Antonio-based community activists Penelope Boyer, Esperanza Center Arte es Vida Project Coordinator and Barrio Historian Susana Mendez Segura and Gardopia Gardens founder Stephen Lucke. LAGI provides a platform for artists, architects, landscape architects, and other creatives working with engineers and scientists to bring forward solutions for sustainable energy infrastructures that enhance the city as works of public art while cleanly producing renewable energy from wind, water and solar sources; Land Art Generators are public art that produce renewable energy. San Antonio is pioneering the production of one type of Land Art Generator: the world’s first Solar Mural installations—stand-alone, wall-mounted and roof-mounted models—each depicting emblems of local heritage through contemporary art and each producing power for specific neighborhood needs. The conversation will also touch on other local sustainable projects including the Esperanza Center’s MujerArtes Studio, the first commercial adobe structure to be built in San Antonio in over a century.