Forecast Public Art – LAGI Lectures

Forecast Public Art LAGI Lectures

Monday, November 9, 7 - 9pm
Ferry & Monoian will discuss the Land Art Generator Initiative as a practice, and
address questions about its formation, what it means to pair art+ energy, the
kinds of education and outreach strategies they employ, and the current and
future role of designers in this movement.
Refreshments served.

Tuesday, November 10, 8 - 10am
Ferry & Monoian will discuss their working relationships with cities and
government entities during Land Art Generator competitions. This session will
address these questions and more: How do the partnerships form between
LAGI and a city? What are the practical and logistical considerations of this
project when it comes to the city? What happens after the competition is over?
How does the host city benefit from the competition?
Breakfast served.

Both events will take place at:
Forecast Public Art
2300 Myrtle Street, Ste. 160
St. Paul, MN 55114