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Public Art Review

Trash to Treasure: Conceptual projects imagine a renewable future for the world’s biggest junkyard By Joe Hart Cover image: A submission to LAGI 2012 by Paolo Venturella, Alessandro Balducci, Gilberto Bonelli, Rocco Valantines, Mario Emanuele Salini, Pietro Bodria

Issues in Science and Technology

Journal of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, University of Texas at Dallas, and Arizona State University Fall 2013 8-page graphic spread featuring 12 submissions to LAGI design competitions more about the journal

10MW Tower, a skyscraper designed by LAGI’s co-founder, Robert Ferry, is featured in 10MW Tower in Dubai: Live In a Skyscraper That Acts as a Power Plant By Jess Baker The 10MW Tower is a dazzling residential skyscraper proposed … Continue reading

Landscape Architects Network

A Canvas For Sustainability: Generating Energy Through Land Art by Fergus McCarthy Initiatives such as the Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) promote the re-invention of energy generation through a creative acumen. The LAGI competition has become a breeding ground for … Continue reading

Green Building & Design

Green Building & Design May/June 2013 Editor’s Picks By Timothy A. Schuler “Each time we put our mark on the land, we accept the ‘terms and conditions’ of the Earth, which state plainly that what we build will not last … Continue reading


Artful Energy: Generating Power at Freshkills By Jordan Sayle “Imagine a power plant in the middle of a wildlife sanctuary. Try to picture an energy source as a work of art. That’s exactly what the Land Art Generator Initiative asked … Continue reading