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Wind and Solar-Powered Biodomes to Boost UAE Ecotourism

Baharash Bagherian has unveiled his design for a new wildlife conservation center that will be 100% powered by renewable energy. The project’s first phase would entail construction of three prefabricated biodomes with timber frames and Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) and a … Continue reading

How Regenerative Art Can Help Australia Kick Fossil Fuels

Change can be hard—even at the individual level. Like taking my reusable bags to the grocery store. I regularly forget them, even though I loathe plastic bags. And I still can’t get through a day on a single cup of … Continue reading

Solar Tree 2.0: Design World Giant Unveils Next Generation Street Light

Solar street lighting just got a lot smarter. Designed by Ross Lovegrove, a giant in the art and design world who calls the intersection of Design, Nature, and Art the “DNA of our times”, Solar Tree 2.0 improves upon the … Continue reading

How dye-sensitized cells revolutionized the solar industry

Professor Michael Grätzel’s future flashed before his eyes in 1973 when OPEC stopped supplying the United States and Western Europe with oil. Foreseeing a time when fossil fuels would be depleted, and freshly armed with a PhD from the Technical … Continue reading

7 Public Art Designs Powered By Algae

Algae is awesome. There’s no other way to put it. Ranging from single-celled to complex multicellular organisms, algae has existed for at least three billion years, according to the Smithsonian. Today, its potential to disrupt modern life is increasingly coming into focus. On the one hand, … Continue reading

Creative Energy Infrastructure for Better Mind and Body

There’s no escaping it: humans need energy to survive. We need it to bake our bread, to refrigerate our medicine, and to light up the night after sundown. But dominant sources of fuel used to power global contemporary life are killing us — and … Continue reading