Carlos Campos Yamila Zynda Aiub Architects
with team members: Ignacio Savid, Rafael Lorenzo, and Martin Dellatorre
Designed for Site #1 in Dubai, adjacent to Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary.

Design Submission for the 2010 Land Art Generator Initiative Design Competition
Fourth Place Mention from the Jury

Artist’s descriptive text:
Light and Wings
Choreographies in the Sky

Hundreds of light spheres on the sky of Dubai.
They fly in geometrical order.
Suddenly, they form a line, a cloud, a sphere, a cube.
They fly in organized patterns across the sky, like a flock.

They reach the ground, gently. Ready for interaction with people.
They go back to the sky, under a secret disposition, forming a column, dancing.
One summer day, under a warm sun, close to the ground, they provide unthought shadows, facilitating the casual promenades in the park.

Our installation is able to generate new, human, interactive emergencies.
To take a ride under the shadow of a transparent wing, to enjoy new urban and natural perspectives, to be fascinated in front of hipnotic conformations.

During the daytime, the wings collect solar energy, while producing refreshing shadows.
At night, they illuminate the park, with the glow of stars, or they rise up to the sky, creating a new constellation.

Light and Wings Work as an actual Icon, as a point of referente, as a new attractor for the inhabitant of the city.

There are some pre-designed conformations:

a. The shadow ceiling. A 100 x 100 m square of refreshing shadow flying on the park, open to contemplation.

b. Random shadows. Also close to the ground, the wings are diseminated all through the park, as an invitation to the promenade.

c. The Light Cube. Night installation, formed by a dense geometrical disposition of lights and wings.

d. The Lighting Pole. Night conformation, 300 meters high, the resultant shape of the vertical organization. A column of glowing spheres.

e. The Cloud. Randomly, during the day, or at night, the wings are disponed in the sky under the form of a cloud, transparent and blue during the daytime, shining lights at night.

Nevertheless, the possibility of recreation of new and amazing conformations, is endless. Depending on the wind conditions and weather, these robotized artifacts will be able to gently reach the people in the park, generatig nice human interaction.


The flying devices, or Wings, derived from Paraglider technology, are self-controllable. They capture the energy they need using the solar cells on the top of them, and store part of this energy in the spheres, to be finally used at night, to illuminate the park.

On the northern area of the park, close to the water, there will be a special device to receive the ¨tired¨ wings, once the wind is gone. There, they will wait until the next flight.

Wings will be provided with a GPS flight navigator, wind sensors, LED illumination devices, a solar energy panel, and accumulators of electric energy. Each wing is an autonomous artifact, nevertheless its behavior is interactive.

The wings will regulate the distances they have to keep among themselves, the speed during the flight, the angle against the wind, altitude, etc.

Choreographies in the Sky.

The Hipnotic dispositions, as actual dynamic choreographies, will be Developed according to interactive flying patterns. These patterns will depend on the weather conditions, a random contidion, and an interactive condition between wings, and a human interaction condition as well.

If a pedestrian, or a group of visitors enters the park, the installation will ¨notice¨ it. Information about how many visitors are in the park will also regulate the flying patterns, proximity and interaction with people.

While the park is empty, our installation will move up, taking the shape of a skyscraper or a cloud, ready to be seen from the city.

Where to go? Which conformation to express? When to change? All decisions will be generated by the installation itself, not depending on ¨brains¨or ¨masters¨.

Our installation shows a high degree of self-organization. It generates interaction within the scale of the city, and with the pedestrian visitor as well.

Each visit to the park will be different, each vision from the city, new.

low-res version PDF of submitted boards