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We’re thrilled to have had the 10MW tower concept included in Popular Science Magazine’s July issue on “Ecotopia”. It’s a great theme that they have put together and Suzanne LaBarre did an excellent job of distilling the most important aspects of the tower design into an exciting synopsis. Thanks to her and to Nick Kaloterakis who created the cover image rendering of what might be a future version of Dubai. While we are really glad that he included a modified version of the 10MW tower in the rendering, we’d like to point out for the record that only the south-facing facade could function in the manner designed (CSP integration), and two wind turbines back to back would cancel each other out. Also, the solar updraft chimney appears to have been closed off to a spire-like point and the building would not function as well if shaded by surrounding towers. But the rendering is fantastic even if the reinterpretation of the architecture has lost something from the original and we thank Nick for his herculean efforts at rendering “Ecotopia”.

The online version of the article can be found here