We’ve done a little re-arranging over here at LAGI virtual headquarters. As you can see from the navigation bar at the top of the page we have a new link “Competition Site” on the far right-hand side. There you will find the project schedule and a list of confirmed jurors that we have on board so far. We are pleased to have so much positive feedback from such an esteemed cast of professionals. It is truly an international and multidisciplinary set.

This blog will continue to be dedicated to discussions of sustainability, cleantech, energy experiments, and the environmental arts movement.

The competition will be entirely on-line via the competition site portal (this way it is a ‘green’ as possible: no flying people in, no printing of boards and mailing, etc.).

The jury will also be conducting their selection process on a secure site. All entries will appear anonymously to them. In this way we can engage the good opinion of a larger number of thinkers and arrive at a very valid and practical result. The complete brief and guidelines will be available on December 7, 2009. It will have all of the information about the process, procedures, and criteria.

Think big for this project. The brief is being finalized, but the sites that are being considered are vast expanses of landscape. It is the intention to be bold and beautiful and capture the minds of those who could see the value of the projects from the perspective of a developer and a municipal planner.

You are submitting ideas to forward the cause of sustainability and the pragmatic movement of the arts so as to contribute to a future of aesthetic infrastructure. As we move towards greater microgeneration and localized distribution of infrastructure, it will necessarily be more visible to us on a daily basis. Gone will be the gas or coal-fired power plant miles from the outskirts of town with its rusty chain-link fence and dirty bellowing stacks. renewable energy plants will be increasingly located in our neighborhoods and in our city centers, even integrated with buildings themselves.

We see the development of land art generator projects as a part of this greater endeavor. It is a way to show that energy can be beautiful and conceptually challenging. That it can be more than just itself and can speak to people on multiple levels of meaning. By creating works of art that solve practical problems we can at once engage minds, solve problems, and lift the arts.

We will have prize money, the exact amounts of which we are not 100% sure on, as we are continuing to gain pledges of financial support. It will not be insignificant — we are interested in making this attractive to talented people and we understand the value of your time.