Monthly Archives: June 2018

Solar-Powered Stone Circle Offers Modern Interpretation of Bronze Age Art

A new installation in the high plains of the Chihuahua desert delivers a modern interpretation of an iconic Bronze Age heritage site. The culmination of five years of planning, Haroon Mirza’s latest artwork comprises eight large black marble boulders assembled … Continue reading

New Solar Graffiti Project Makes a Rundown Park Accessible After Dark

We are blown away by the new and exciting ways renewables are being incorporated into creative projects. In Mexico City, the French multinational ENGIE (pronounced Angie) recently teamed up with Germany’s Heliatek, street artist N30, and others to transform a … Continue reading

The Key to Successful Placemaking: Integrated Design and Community Collaboration

The winners of the LAGI Willimantic design competition in Connecticut credit, in large measure, their engagement with the local community for developing their winning proposal. Laura Pirie from Pirie Associates describes how her team spent over 20 hours talking to … Continue reading

Wind and Solar-Powered Biodomes to Boost UAE Ecotourism

Baharash Bagherian has unveiled his design for a new wildlife conservation center that will be 100% powered by renewable energy. The project’s first phase would entail construction of three prefabricated biodomes with timber frames and Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) and a … Continue reading