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The 19th Century Solar Engines of Augustin Mouchot, Abel Pifre, and John Ericsson

Augustin Mouchot’s Solar Concentrator, 1869. (source) The history of renewable energy is fascinating. We posted a while back about early efforts to harness the power of waves. You may also be interested to learn more about the 19th century work … Continue reading

Colorado Art Ranch Art+Energy Residency at Elsewhere Studios

We thought this opportunity may be of interest to some of you out there. Colorado Art Ranch has posted an Artist Residency in collaboration with Elsewhere Studios under the theme of Art + Energy. The location is Paonia, Colorado from … Continue reading

The Long View: The Past and Future of Human Energy Use

The image above will take you to a high resolution graphic that spans 800,000 years. Each year is represented by one small square. Each row equals one millenium. Time flows from the upper left to the lower right (similarly to … Continue reading

The Sonic Articulation of Sunbeams

The Sonic Articulation of Sunbeams from Ben Moren on Vimeo. The Sonic Articulation of Sunbeams is a renewable energy art installation by Daniel Dean, Ben Moren and Emily Stover. The piece was created for the 2011 Green Energy Art Garden … Continue reading

Solar Installation Resembles Lily Pads

Les Nympheas by Claude Monet from Musee l’Orangerie, Paris Photovoltaic panels in Lake Colignola, near Pisa. FABIO MUZZI, AFP Marco Rosa-Clot, physicist and professor at the University of Florence, has demonstrated a floating photovoltaic power plant with wing reflectors in … Continue reading

Field Guide to Renewable Energy Technologies

As a part of the Land Art Generator Initiative, we have put together this free Field Guide to Renewable Energy Technologies that we hope can be a useful resource for all designers, homeowners, urban planners, students, artists, architects, landscape architects, … Continue reading

Airlight Energy’s Monuments to Concentrated Solar Power

The Precasted Fiber Reinforced Concrete Collector by Airlight Energy is a refreshingly different design for CSP technology. It employs flexible pneumatic mirrors below and ETFE foil above, both stretched within a rigid concrete frame to create a parabolic trough system … Continue reading

HWKN’s “Wendy” Cleans the Air

Image by HWKN The winner of the 2012 MoMA PS1 Young Architect’s Program is a public artwork that also cleans the air of pollutants via nanoparticles. It’s another great example of solution-based artwork, or artwork that is moving beyond formative … Continue reading

CSP Mirrors that could have been designed by George Nelson

Koichi Kamoshida/Bloomberg We came across this beautiful image today of the mirrors at JFE Engineering Corp.’s Solar Techno Park concentrated solar power (CSP) plant, in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. It reminded us of a George Nelson Associates sofa, the Marshmallow … Continue reading