Monthly Archives: September 2009

Oil Industry Adds 5 Months of Bonus Time With New Discoveries

Today’s New York Times has an article about the oil industry which is interesting for its perspective. “More than 200 oil discoveries have been reported so far in 2009 in dozens of countries,” it says. These, “have totaled about 10 … Continue reading

Competition Jury

Below is the list of confirmed jurors for the upcoming competition. This international panel of esteemed individuals are leaders in their fields. They were chosen because we believe they will offer a truly interdisciplinary approach to the judging process with … Continue reading

Poster Size Version of The Area Required to Power the World with Solar

click to enlarge We have been delighted at the popularity of the graphic that we posted a month ago. Now it is available in a poster size pdf for download! Click here, or on the thumbnails to the right to … Continue reading

Poster Size Version of The Time Is Now

click to enlarge We now have a poster size version of this infographic showing the era of fossil fuels as compared with the long and awesome human history. It shows how the carbon fuel era is only a very brief … Continue reading

Competition Website is Up

We’ve done a little re-arranging over here at LAGI virtual headquarters. As you can see from the navigation bar at the top of the page we have a new link “Competition Site” on the far right-hand side. There you will … Continue reading

Turn of the Century Wave Energy Patents

I found links to these patent drawings on Inventing Green. What is fascinating and relevant to a study of aesthetic infrastructure is that there are so many ways to harness a natural source of energy such as the ocean’s waves. … Continue reading

Flexible Panels as Sculptural Medium

A re-working of Jean Arp’s 1942 Silencieux that I have dubbed Solarcieux Nanosolar has announced the release to the market of its ultra-low cost (CIGS printed on aluminum foil back-contacted with metal-wrap-through design) nanoparticle ink flexible solar panels. A PDF … Continue reading

Would Beaming Energy from Space Affect Global Warming?

I’ve stumbled across a number of articles recently that seriously propose that we set up huge solar arrays in space and wirelessly beam kilowatts back to earth such as this one highlighting the plans being discussed in Japan. The originators … Continue reading

Solar Roads

Two weeks ago it was announced that Solar Roadways received a $100,000 grant from the US DOT to prototype their idea for a “decentralized, secure, intelligent, self-healing power grid” that would “end dependence on fossil fuels and revitalize the economy”. … Continue reading