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Societal Impact of Renewable Energy Installations

This New York Times video highlights the growing issues related to wind turbines that are in close enough proximity to residential neighborhoods as to be visible and audible. What is interesting to us from this story in Maine is not … Continue reading

It’s Tropospheric

Kite Gen is an Italian company that has some very innovative ideas about how to harness the power of wind. And the results are interesting from the point of view of aesthetics, a refreshing departure from the all too familiar … Continue reading

Turn of the Century Wave Energy Patents

I found links to these patent drawings on Inventing Green. What is fascinating and relevant to a study of aesthetic infrastructure is that there are so many ways to harness a natural source of energy such as the ocean’s waves. … Continue reading

Wind Dam

Thanks to Pruned for doing a post on LAGI. What is really great is that the post ends with a suggestion for a work of energy-creating land art that would channel wind into man made canyons which have wind dams … Continue reading