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Nature Offers Another Lesson to the Solar Power Industry (go biomimicry!)

image from Torresol Energy We’ve written about Fibonacci Series before here on bLAGI. So it does not come as a great surprise to us that the layout of heliostats (solar-tracking mirrors) around a solar power tower could benefit from the … Continue reading

Homeostatic Facade System by Decker Yeadon

We hope to see a wide application of this amazing system by Decker Yeadon, certainly in contemporary architecture, but also within new and innovative public art applications. via Green Public Art

Three Dimensional PV Installations Increase Performance and Reduce Cost

Left: Brancusi’s 1938 Endless Column in Târgu Jiu, Romania. Right: Images from Solar Energy Generation in Three-Dimensions, by Marco Bernardi, Nicola Ferralis, Jin H. Wan, Rachelle Villalon, & Jeffrey C. Grossman. There is some expanded research out of MIT (PDF … Continue reading

Wine Energy, or…Wind Energy in the Vineyard

Wolt is an interesting and rather artful application of the Humdinger technology to an existing agricultural infrastructure. You can read more about it at the James Dyson Award website where it is listed as an entry along with additional renderings. … Continue reading

Eco Whisper Presents a Unique Design in HAWT

There seems to be a lot of variation in the design evolution of the vertical axis wind turbine. But it’s not every day that you see a dramatic design departure in horizontal axis wind turbines. So it is refreshing to … Continue reading

Fibonacci Geometry and Solar Trees

Aidan Dwyer’s Fibonacci Solar Geometry Aidan Dwyer, a 13 year old Long Island resident, has made some big news this week with his astute observations and experiments on solar power efficiency. While spending time in the woods, Aidan noticed that … Continue reading

Modular Wind Cube for Exterior Wall Applications

Wind Cube is a modular wind power system designed by Chen Liao-Hsun for household use. Designboom received the project via their ‘DIY submissions’ feature, where they welcome their readers to submit their own work for publication. The Wind Cube units, … Continue reading

Using Ocean Pressure for Energy Storage

This is an interesting idea that came out of the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy conference last week. Atmocean has developed a system called WEST (Wave Energy Seawater Transmission) which is an interesting take on wave energy devices in … Continue reading

Another Innovative Wind Application

NY Times – Turbine-Free Wind Power from Antfood on Vimeo. We think that there is a lot of potential for this combination of wind and piezoelectrics for public art installations. More about Professor Francis Moon’s Vibro-Wind Research Team can be … Continue reading

Wind Lens

News this week from the Renewable Energy International Exhibition in Yokohama, Japan highlights some visually and technologically interesting new turbine designs for offshore wind power. The hoop that surrounds the blade structure acts like a magnifying lens to increase the … Continue reading

Solar Water-from-Air Public Fountain

In the UAE and in many parts of the world, these public water fountains are found everywhere. There are tens of thousands of them in cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They typically pull water from the domestic line … Continue reading

Could Parking Power Canvas Be Public Art Medium?

Living in the UAE, where there are tens of thousands of canvas covered parking spaces, I’ve often lamented the fact that they are not doing more with that sunlight that they block. And now, FTL Solar has a two products … Continue reading

How Can These Work with Public Art?

The blog, Xenophilia, provides a very useful a listing of the Top 100 New Clean Energy Technologies.

Power From the People

Pavegen Systems has a nicely packaged retrofit system for existing pavements that will harness the power of pedestrian footfalls. Seems like it could be used on city sidewalks as well as in malls, stadiums or other highly trafficked indoor spaces. … Continue reading


Drzach & Suchy have designed the most perfect decorative fusion between art and solar energy collection. Solar modules are attached to a South-facing building facade at their side edge so that they cast a shadow below. They are arranged as … Continue reading

RAFAA’s Solar City Tower

This solar power installation design by RAFAA Architecture and Design with built-in pumped water energy storage is able to regulate its energy capacity by siphoning off excess electricity to pump water into a holding tower. Then, as the sun is … Continue reading

Tobacco Virus Provides Natural Solar Electricity

Matt Francis and his research colleagues at The University of California at Berkley have engineered a tobacco plant virus that has evolved to created electrical energy from solar radiation. When injected with an engineered virus, tobacco plants are forced to … Continue reading

Flywheel Storage is Here

Beacon Power Corporation has just completed the first installation of its technology at a wind farm in Tehachapi, California. The system will provide frequency regulation for the energy that is produced by the wind so that it is modulated for … Continue reading


Could be the near future for offshore wind turbines? SWAY turbines are as large as 10MW (so far) each and they pivot to follow the wind direction. This movement ability with the wind allows the blades to be larger (less … Continue reading


via inhabitat: A new wind technology using wind belts rather than rotating turbines promises exciting prospects for aesthetic installations. I could see the adaptation of this idea for a LAGI installation. Modules of Humdinger energy producing armatures as the medium … Continue reading