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Clear the Air with Urban Art

The 2010 Design Triennial: Why Design Now? is open at the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York. It features a pragmatic public art intervention of a different sort than the clean energy producing kind. Artwork that, all the … Continue reading


Drzach & Suchy have designed the most perfect decorative fusion between art and solar energy collection. Solar modules are attached to a South-facing building facade at their side edge so that they cast a shadow below. They are arranged as … Continue reading

RAFAA’s Solar City Tower

This solar power installation design by RAFAA Architecture and Design with built-in pumped water energy storage is able to regulate its energy capacity by siphoning off excess electricity to pump water into a holding tower. Then, as the sun is … Continue reading

10MW Tower

The 10MW tower is designed to be as much an aesthetic renewable energy power plant as it is a habitable skyscraper. The tower creates energy through the three systems—a 5MW horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT), a 3MW concentrated solar power … Continue reading

Solar Ballerinas!

This is a great performance concept and a very interesting and beautiful intersecting of art and technology. Performances with Electroacoustic Clothes (pdf link) Benoît Maubrey is the director of DIE AUDIO GRUPPE a Berlin-based art group that build and perform … Continue reading


At the Center for Architecture Science and Ecology they are doing some amazing work. Ideally, their “Next Generation High-Efficiency Solar Power Systems for Building Envelopes” (image on left) will require a double-skin building envelope.

Philippe Starck “Revolutionair”

Philippe Starck has unveiled his vision of a microgeneration wind turbine for home use in two versions, a 400W and a 1000W. You can get yours today at Pramac Wind for 2,500 and 3,500 euros respectively. On the very positive … Continue reading


Sadly, the artist Flo McGarrell’s life was stopped short this week by the earthquake in Haiti. I wasn’t familiar with his work previously, but upon being alerted to his story by our friend Matias Viegener and reading more about him … Continue reading

Solar Powered Camels Carry Medicines to Remote Desert Areas

via inhabitat What a great idea for medicines and vaccines that require refrigeration. According to the article, the number of people that this could help is in the range of 300,000.

A ton of CO2

Yes it is a gas but it still has weight. Via Energy Race we can see the work of Dave Ames, from Cohasset, Massachusetts (photo via). He and his students constructed a large cubic volume (27m on a side) that … Continue reading

Perpetual Motion by David Prince

via Ecoart Blog. A beautifully crafted and humorous piece that stimulates ideas of the potential energy inherent in our everyday machines. Of course this works off of the idea of embodied energy in the last post. It is fascinating that … Continue reading


Via ecoartspace on facebook, I came across the Emergy project by Maria Michails (TreiaStudios). From the project website: Emergy is an interactive installation art project bridging sculpture, performance, media arts, architecture, mechanical and electrical engineering. At the nucleus of the … Continue reading

Kunst and Klima

Last week we spent four days in Munich participating in the exhibit and panel discussions at Overtures – Cultural realms in the post-fossil age. It was a part of the larger Klimaherbst ongoing series of events and took place at … Continue reading

Vernacular Clean Energy Projects = Works of Art

Throughout history there have been many times when people have taken it upon themselves to harness the power of nature (usually wind and river) in order to pump water or run millstones. By doing so with the resources at hand, … Continue reading

Flexible Panels as Sculptural Medium

A re-working of Jean Arp’s 1942 Silencieux that I have dubbed Solarcieux Nanosolar has announced the release to the market of its ultra-low cost (CIGS printed on aluminum foil back-contacted with metal-wrap-through design) nanoparticle ink flexible solar panels. A PDF … Continue reading

Wind Dam

Thanks to Pruned for doing a post on LAGI. What is really great is that the post ends with a suggestion for a work of energy-creating land art that would channel wind into man made canyons which have wind dams … Continue reading

Solar Ivy

We would love to be able to create an entire orchard from the amazing solar ivy PV cells by SMIT. They combine solar generation with piezoelectric generators that create additional energy from the movement of the leaves in the wind: … Continue reading

“Pinar de Perruquet” Park

Beautiful work by Arteks Arquitectura. Now let’s hook those fake swaying tree sculptures up to some energy harvesting devices!