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LAGI Concepts

Since the competition has not yet been held, the principal artists have created some conceptual images to evoke ideas about what potential LAGI installations could look like and how many homes they could power. Korfakhan Necklace: 30MW Consists of 832 … Continue reading

Wind Dam

Thanks to Pruned for doing a post on LAGI. What is really great is that the post ends with a suggestion for a work of energy-creating land art that would channel wind into man made canyons which have wind dams … Continue reading

Za’abeel Park Tower in Article on Gizmag

Gizmag features an article on the Almeisan Tower here. My original post on the project. Update on Tuesday, July 14: Many other blogs have picked up on the project such as inhabitat, greendiary, and ecofriend. Thanks to all.


If this technology ever makes it into commercial production then it will open up a huge potential for creative uses.

Solar Ivy

We would love to be able to create an entire orchard from the amazing solar ivy PV cells by SMIT. They combine solar generation with piezoelectric generators that create additional energy from the movement of the leaves in the wind: … Continue reading

The Ibn Al Haytham Pavilion for Mushrif Park

Concentrated photovoltaic (CPV or HPVC) technology concentrates sunlight through a lens onto a high performance solar cell, thus increasing the electricity generated over conventional PV panels. Typical photovoltaic panels only convert about 10 to 15 percent of incoming light into … Continue reading