The Land Art Generator engages the public in the co-design of our clean energy future, bringing together the disciplines of public art, urban planning, creative placemaking, renewable energy, and environmental justice.

We provide context-specific and culturally-relevant design solutions for distributed clean energy that reflect the needs of local communities through design competitions, direct commissions, calls for proposals, Solar Mural artworks, and participatory co-design projects for people of all ages.

Any creative placemaking opportunity can also be a climate solution.


Arch of Time by Riccardo Mariano incorporates solar photovoltaic modules to generate 400 MWh per year, offsetting the electricity demand of the surrounding neighborhood. It is the first public artwork in the world designed to be a net positive contribution to the climate crisis. By generously providing clean energy to the city, the arch will inspire the public about the beauty and wonder of a post-carbon future, while providing an exceptional venue.   Learn more

WindNest by Trevor Lee incorporates compact acceleration wind turbines and thin film solar

to generate an annual capacity of 30 MWh.

The submission to the Land Art Generator Initiative 2010 design competition for Abu Dhabi (LAGI 2010) was

re-imagined and constructed full-scale for SEE MONSTER, a part of the UNBOXED UK Festival in 2022.

International open-call competitions for the UAE, New York City, Copenhagen, Santa Monica, Melbourne, Abu Dhabi, Fly Ranch, and Mannheim have resulted in over 1,500 designs from creative teams across more than eighty countries.

MEAnder by Ryan Henel and Craig Sponholtz is the chosen design from the LAGI-MEA invited design competition for the Modern Elder Academy’s regenerative ranch, Saddleback, south of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Images courtesy of the artist team (rendering by Ryan Bromberg). MEAnder will be implemented on site in 2023.