The Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) helps design renewable energy infrastructures that are also beautiful places for people.

Let’s work together to fight climate change while we also celebrate human culture and creativity. By doing so, we can inspire a more rapid and equitable energy transition.




LAGI 2020
Fly Ranch

The positive and inspiring
glimpse into the near future
of life at Fly Ranch that
designers around the world
provided is just
the dose of optimism and
wonder that the world
needs right now.

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The Land Art Generator provides context-specific and culturally-relevant design solutions for distributed clean energy that reflect the needs of local communities. We do this through design competitions, direct commissions, calls for proposals, Solar Mural artworks, and participatory co-design projects for people of all ages. International open-call competitions for the U.A.E. (2010), New York City (2012), Copenhagen (2014), Santa Monica (2016), Melbourne (2018), Abu Dhabi (2019), and Fly Ranch (2020) have resulted in over 1,200 designs from creative teams across more than eighty countries.


STEAM Programming
Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math

The 2nd Edition

Field Guide to Renewable
Energy Technologies

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LAGI in Japan