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Ecological and Environmental Art

Grower, 2004 by Sabrina Raaf (image via loop.ph) As we are in the midst of the open call to artists for the 2012 LAGI design competition for Freshkills Park, NYC, we thought that it would be a great time to … Continue reading

Excerpt from “The Ecology of Freedom” by Murray Bookchin

I was reading yesterday this section (Chapter 9 – Two Images of Technology) in Murray Bookchin’s excellent study on the “emergence and dissolution of hierarchy.” It is so clear and so relevant that I would like to quote it here … Continue reading

Building Solid New Energy Foundations

The idea of an earthly Eden is one that is as old as recorded history. Privileged individuals over the past 100 years have lived lives that have had an Edenic air about them insomuch as they had want of nothing … Continue reading